An Absentee Father Who Eventually Wanted Recognition In The Success of His Children

It is the hope of every mother for her child or children to have a father for her children. Not just someone who fathered the child and went missing, but someone who would be there for them and always putting his family first before anything else. But in this story, there happened to be an unlucky mother who raised her two sons alone until maturity.

According to her, father of her children left when her first son was six years and the second born was only three. Now, after years of struggle and agony in raising two boys, the man who got lost in the world of forgetfulness just happened to pop up and demanding for his share in the success of her two boys.

In the recent event that was organized by her first-born son, the man who claims to be their father wanted recognition in the opening speech and he wanted his name mentioned in the importance of the event. What amazed people even more was the fact that he pushed for this and eventually, the son who did not have any other option mentioned his absentee father just to make things a little less abnormal.

The fact that he was not there for them when they did need him a lot does not matter to him. Now that his first-born son’s name is trending worldwide, he wants to come in and be part of the success story.

Why abandon your own children and come back later and pretend that nothing happened while you were away? Only a greedy person would push for recognition when he knows he has no rights to. Such people are remorseless and would do anything to be where they do not belong.

A family is not just a name. What matters more in such a relationship is being responsible for those who are under you. Those people you care about for and the desire to make their lives much better. However, if someone is not a family man or woman, then he or she should not even think about coming home at the time they are not needed.

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