Public Schools Performing Poorly Because…

As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education was released early yesterday, it was evident that children from the public schools had performed poorer that their private school counterparts. According to the Education Cabinet Secretary (C.S), Professor Fred Matiangi, teachers were to largely blame for the decline in mean grade since they had abandoned the children as far as their learning needs are concerned. The C.S also said that it was sad that some counties registered 70% absenteeism and so this could only reflect what students in such schools were losing in terms of learning.

But then there were other reports that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) being the teacher’s employer was also to blame for the bad results reflected in public schools. The reason given here was that the TSC had demotivated the teachers for failing to grant pay increase bearing in mind that their current salary is not enough.

In other reports another speaker, an official in the Ministry of Education said that head teachers were also to blame since they are responsible for quality assurance and so it was clear that they were not doing their work. She went ahead and said the head teachers should not be popular with the teachers under them anymore but should rather look for performance from the teaching staff.

But then it’s the hope of every parent that the government will embark on a serious mission to establish why public schools are lagging behind in the national examinations. The poor performance is something of concern since it becomes the best option for those who cannot be able to access quality education in private schools. Let’s see more in terms of resources distribution because empty talk will not bring real improvement not unless something is done to rectify the current situation. Once corrective measures are put in place, and then we can expect to get better results in future.

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