Pawns In Kenyan Politics

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When a bird is left free, direct from the cage, it starts looking for means to feed itself.  The same happens when someone is left stranded on an island with no one to run to.

In Kenyan politics, the nest of goodies is ripe, with a few individuals ready to jump in and make the difference in their own lives.  Here, there is nothing like being a man or woman of the people, just a big, fattened lie will make one sail through.

In CORD camp, we have those who have been bought and will be used as pawns by their godfathers in politics. Each election year, comes with surprises and pawns are made ready to roll in when big fishes are in for a big fight. The problem with these politicians is that they are only used by the less likely party, and then dumped like rotten tomatoes when the deal is done.

A few years back, we saw Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka bought by the less likely winners— Mwai Kibaki, to stop the most favorite Raila Odinga from becoming the next Kenyan president.  Seven years later, another person, Musalia Mudavadi was bought by the least supported Uhuru Kenyatta to take some votes from Raila Odinga’s basket— and yes! The pawn worked perfectly well.

Now, in 2017 we expect another guy to come out as a pawn for the ruling alliance because things are not that smart come the next general election.

The deal has already been draw… the favorite pawn is already in place and ready to jump into action. The CORD coalition is in internal political wrangles between someone has been cashed out. One, Moses Wetangula has been fished out and the remaining two are not that close allies even in political terms.

The call for Stephen Kalonzo to run for the presidential election come 2017 is a clear thing to note that he is also hanging in balance. These are two free birds that have just been released from the cages and are out to explore their surrounding much better.

The only chance for Raila Odinga by now is to do whatever it takes to bring in Musalia Mudavadi. That way, he will have a slim chance of rising above normal. His dreams might come true.

Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.


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