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A Muslim couple being wed alongside the Tungab...

A Muslim couple being wed alongside the Tungabhadra River at Hampi, India. In the background, a Hindu man is taking his ritual bath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Communication for married couples is very important because you need one another’s views for the success of your staying together. But I remember a radio show a few days ago whereby different participants how they felt about this issue. But it turned to be like a blame game as both men and women took this chance to trade accusations as to who is in the wrong when it comes to displaying marital issues to a third party.

So this lady called and said that for any women who go ahead to discuss their husbands with other married women, it was for the sake of getting help. She went ahead and said that your experiencing something with your man and how you went about may after all help another woman in the same situation. She also said men cannot plead innocence in all this because they also discuss their wives with the side chick so as to really show that she is the better option as far as his marital status is concerned.

Then this other man said that it is wrong for any woman to go out there and discuss he man with other married women. He further added that women do not realize that they are enemies of themselves since whatever problem that you are naively sharing with them will still find itself to other uninterested parties. He also said that the minute a woman thinks that taking the husband’s problems to her pals will be of any help, that’s where she loses track because she only becomes a laughing stock.

I think may it be anyone’s wife or husband, there is no way that you can entrust the solution of your problems with a third party. It’s only viable that two partners seat down together and discuss any pressing issue and devise the way forward.

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