Work hard to be successful

In this  life, you need to  be actively involved in the betterment of yourself in terms of where you live or as far as you are concerned,you are contented to be where you are and with what you have.Success does not just come to anyone,but to those who are determined to reach better places.

But then before anything else,you need to ask yourself what you need to have to really feel that you are successful.Then you need to know your starting point in line with the goals that you have set aside for yourself and at the same time alternatives should be stand-by in case of any deviations from the initial plan.Then if you are set to start your hard work towards success,then this means you already know what to do in order to get there.

You are looking out for success but what is your mission and vision ?For example if you may be hoping to have invested in the real estate in like after a period of five years,then you ought to plan well in order to accomplish this over the said period. Just start somewhere and proceed from there. Waiting for chances to avail themselves is not the better way of going about your plans. Instead, create the much-needed chances that will make you have a starting point, and a better way to make it happen.

Successful people do today what others are doing tomorrow.This means that such people are unique such that once an opportunity presents itself,they are able to grasp it by doing the necessary  verification and if things go well, they invest some resources just to see how they turn out to be after sometime. This means, these people are not afraid of losses. They only have the necessary resources for what they want to become by tomorrow.

It is not good to wait for luck. In fact luck should only come when you do not need it. Great minds takes business at the best of its time.

Have your say!

You Should Not Hate Her Because OF Her Weight

A few weeks ago, it was in the print media how married women were really adding weight after the first few years of their marriage. This made the opening remarks on morning radio show where the listeners aired their take on this issue of the weight gain. The question that arose here was whether the women were responsible for their upward growth in terms of weight.

While listening to what the listeners had to say about this, it became obvious that most men hated their women due to having gained a lot of weight .One caller said that most women go about eating a lot of foods, being lazy and so the end result of this is definitely gaining lots of weight. He also added that they do not take time to even think what this lifestyle may do to them.

But even if most women tend to gain some weight after being married, there are many factors that may lead to this scenario. I remember a response to a blogger concerning fat women who really outlined lots of negativity to such women after she wrote that they are fat and cannot run from this fact. Somebody else responded to this writer that being fat does not mean what someone eating but rather is what is eating them up. By this I mean, there are women out there who will add some weight when they are stressed up.

So I was here thinking that as a man, should you feel alarmed if your wife starts gaining weight? I think that we should all appreciate that a change is something inevitable in us as human beings. By this I mean adding weight is part of a physical appearance that is still subject to change and so in this case, no man should expect the wife to remain slender like when they first moved in as a couple.

So let’s live to the vows that we exchanged before our relatives and friends and not use lame excuses as to why you find your wife no longer attractive. It only happens in the mind when you start thinking your wife has added so much weight yet this is not what really matters for the two of you to be happily married.

Dream wisely and dream big..

Is there a time when you sit alone, question your mind about things you wish you could have accomplished but you haven’t because of some life limits?

The right question in mind always leads to great things in life. You have to develop some kind of strategies that will come in handy in those great moments. The future dictates that you ask your mind the right questions and you plan for answers in future.

A good plan without a good base is worthless just like no plan at all. You can’t plan for something without envisioning the bright side. You can’t target the goals when you are lacking the components that will make your plan stand out.

However, there comes moments when you wish you could,but some inhibitors just can’t allow you to be that person that you wanna be. In that situation, have never lose hope! The biggest mistake starts when you settle and nothing and do nothing at all to get outer situation. By the way, if you notice that you are lacking ideas on how to do something, then it just understand that you are not alone in this world.

Seek for someone’s advice…

It is never a mistake to ask for a way through, but its foolish mistake to go alone when you know you have no chance against what that awaits you.

Asking for an idea from those you care about and from strangers lightens you push for a better tomorrow. It makes you work somewhat easier, economical and worthy the effort.

Of course there are some who would not be happy as you continue pursuing your goals in life. People are never the same. They would encourage you to do something while in their mind they are slowly dying, or sometimes ding the negative just to see you fail.

The wiseman’s go,

The wise would seek for advice and use only the portion that is beneficial. Leave the chunk that can’t help you and engage on plans that are for sure the leading avenues to success.


How The Late First Lady Lucy Kibaki Rose Into Power

Kenya… When we talk about the life of the late Mama Lucy Kibaki, we only know more about her legacy after President Mwai Kibaki rose into power. We have so little information about her during her husband’s struggle in opposition, her support and general information about how she was like before then.

The main reason why Kenyan will miss her is because she was the only known first lady to leave a legacy for the benefit of Kenyans. She is known to have stood firm on family values and in most of her speeches, she never minced her words about family life.

According to those who knew her Mama Lucy Kibaki much better, her family came first in everything. She is was the first one to hint about Kibaki’s second term in office and she spearheaded his second term campaigns, drawing women behind her. Her effort paid off when her husband was announced the winner of the controversial elections in 2007 that saw Kenya go on knees in dark hour.

The most memorable event happened during the storm in Nation Media center because of ‘defamatory’ headline on one of the their daily news papers. She assaulted some people during that hour of terror and later walked away promising for some more if the do not change their style when address the first family.

Even members of the Kibaki team were not spared. She warned that some people were giving bad advice to the president and that she would deal with them accordingly. This happened some days later when she went physical with one of the Kibaki’s close ally. It was later confirmed that he got fired because of reasons known to a few individuals…

Well, because of Lucy Kibaki’s iron-hand in sensitive matters, it caused uneasiness in members of the public because she was much more like the president… someone they did not voter for. The reason why the media started going blind in her functions. Later, she got lost in the public image!

Domestic violence on the increase, But why?

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Domestic violence on the rise, but why? Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

There has been confirmed reports that domestic violence in homes be it against men or women is on the rise.But the question that arises in such a scenario is;whatever is it that happened to the love that a couple once shared to being replaced by hatred.May be we can keep guessing the reasons behind domestic violence but a couple do not wake up one day and just start fighting but rather its something that gradually starts with minor arguments and eventually growing into the uncontrollable situations. If you or a loved one is in jail because of a domestic violence case, there is help available. The right domestic violence bail bonds company can help you get out from behind bars and able to better care for your own finances and life while awaiting trial. Work with Connecticut Bail Bonds for a superior bonding experience. You can read here about the bail for domestic violence in CT, Domestic violence cases are serious business in Connecticut and governed by a group of confusing laws also . If you or a beloved is thrown into jail on the grounds of violence , there might be bail charges as high as $50,000 attached to the charge. Paying the bail amount is usually the sole thanks to get out of jail without expecting the times or maybe weeks it can fancy bring the case to court. this is often why it’s so important to figure with a reputable bail agent in Connecticut. With the assistance of an honest team, you’ll get out of jail sooner and return to a more normal way of life while expecting trial.

Sometimes domestic violence may be instigated by either of the spouse or even interference by external forces.As it is the norm,a man is the head of the family and as such ought to be given the respect that he deserves and he should at the same time respect his wife.But should there arise a situation where there is no command as to who heads the family and in this case the wife steps into the shoes of her husband,then this may not end all.

Then it is important for couples to listen to one another.By this I mean anything pressing issue is well solved if they both talk about it and give suggestions on the way forward.But if either of the couple decides that his or her way is the best without giving room for other options,then this means he or she dictates things to be done on a way that may not be okay after all.

Then it’s not good to work on assumptions.For example a wife may happen to see her husband in the company of a female but this does not mean that she is his other woman.This is something that happens in most families yet someone has not even bothered to establish whether there is something going on between the two.

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