Need To Flash-out Terrorists? Kenyans Better Read This…

We can’t be joking on serous matters. We have suffered enough but still we just can’t sit down and force witful ideas in our lazy minds or maybe we are benefiting a lot from terrorism activities in the country. This is the reality that face us all, we need to do something about it.

The moment we realize that we are living at stake, the more we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for better tomorrow. We can’t wait to be told what to do, when to do it ¬†and how to do. We can’t allow our minds to forget why we need to act now. There will be no one else tomorrow is unity among ourselves keeps dwindling because of divisive politics.

The war on terror that we signed up with is not waiting for us to do what is right. In fact terrorists are here waiting for a slight weakness that they will use against us. But because we are so much inclined in CORD and Jubilee politics, some people among us are planning to get us when we are chanting support for Raila or Kenyatta. They are only there to make maximum damage, then they go back to wait for another chance.

Damn! We might be willing to unite beyond politics in Kenya, but since we are nice with easy cash, terrorists are watching for this weakness too.

You know what! In terrorism world, there is so much money for every wrong reason on land. If they know how to invest their money for wrong reasons, they would do exactly that for future damages. Corruption must be fought down from all channels of people’s livelihood.

Bloody money will always go out in bloody means. Corruption makes us vulnerable to terrorism… We can’t allow it to be the biggest stumbling block in this war against terror.

Now one thing I have ever learned in this life of mine is being close to my people. We come together when we have a problem. We share it out equally and we remain happy. If this is implemented in our society, then terrorists will seek for other means to destroy our society because even the known sympathizers will not be willing to help the evil lot. I guess the Nyumba Kumi initiative lacked good planning but it was good to go.

Whenever someone is desperate for something, he or she might look for easy ways of redeeming self from the situation. This brings us to sharing of the national cake. Kenya has been too busy building some regions but other remains unexploited and marginalized. These people need to be part of somethings great, but since the country is moving on without them, it is easy for such lot to get attention from other places. I hate to say that terrorists like being in such like areas.

If we bring all Kenyans together as one, we might win this war… However, a lot has to be done since we are fighting the war against people who have nothing to lose, other than their stupid life.

I hate evil!



Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.


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