Kenya, Refugees Menace And Terrorism

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia...

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia in Dadaab, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi— One thing is clear that Kenya wants her neighbors to enjoy peace and economic stability like she does. For many years, Kenya has been a stable economy in east Africa and this has enabled growth and development in this region.

While other east African states were fighting to control the regions marred by violence, Kenya was the only safe place where the refugees could run to and feel peace for the first time. With hospitality among the people of Kenya, no one questioned how the refugees could behave and the control measures put in place to deal with evil men and women coming into the country. At the end, it was just us Kenyans against people who are either good or those with bad intentions for humanity.

Being a country where humanity came first, it is not that difficult to locate some integrated refugees mingling freely with the general Kenyan population. This is good because some refugees have created employment to locals and others are working closely with the government of Kenya for better good of national building.

However in every river, you do not expect to see fish, but snakes also do survive in water. The result of this saying is that, Kenya has been experiencing violent crimes since Kenya’s incursion in Somalia started, about five years ago.

Some refugees are trigger-happy criminals who do not value lives of other people. I several occasions, Kenya has suffered both major and minor terror attacks for people suspected to be Somalia Islamic militants. In this case, these people crossing into Kenya from the horn of Africa are both genuine refugees and those who have evil agenda— ticking time bomb against peaceful Kenya.

The crackdown on illegal refugees in Nairobi and its environs was meant to drive away terrorists who were enjoying the stay in the country as they plan for next attacks. Even though the government’s, move drew criticism from all channels of humanity, but it came as a success since bombings in Nairobi ended.

In conclusion, Kenya welcomed people without screening them in and out to know what they were up to. However, after learning from past mistakes, she made up her mind to clean up the mess.

Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.


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