How Youths’ Inner Drive Define Their Behaviors

As we go on seeking for solutions to the problems we are having in our youths, especially those in universities and in urban high school, we need to understand the nature of these youths. In every human being, there is one factor in their mind that controls what they are and what they will become in future.

The nature of students vary from one person to another,

The obedient type,

Well, these are youths who just follow instructions from his peers without questioning about the out come. These people only want to have a place where they would feel at home— even when it means doing wrong things, just to impress his or her peers.

The obedient type youths ends up regretting everything they have done and this might either lead to self change become worse as revenge to those who misled them— usually, the person would wish to negatively influence other people to go astray just because of guilt.

The self seeker,

In this world, we have people who do not really understand why they are alive. If a youthful person does not know the reason why he or she is alive, this may lead the person to start looking for selfness or self worthy in the society. For this person, everything is all about learning the hard way and those things that the society is against becomes the favorite go. If the situation is not kept under control, the feeling of selflessness may lead to disastrous outcome to this person’s life.

The naughty by nature,

Well, these are people who mislead others just to have fun. They have almost everything in life and they use their power to influence others negatively.

These people may not have been raised in a don’t-care family, but something within them pushes them to do all kinds evil.

To them, being in control is part of life and would do anything possible to stay in that chosen lifestyle.

The conservative type,

Now, these are youths who understand the meaning of life. They can’t fall into traps easily because their minds are always searching for answers. These people think more about their future and would be wiling to go an extra mile to reach for their dreams.

This category of youths hates evil and they have no time to entertain it…

Now I guess you understand youths much better. Parents have nothing to do with how their children would behave in later stages in life. Youths choose their destiny due to that inner drive that makes who they are.

Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.


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