Director of Public Prosecution Speaks Out About Graft..

While thousands might so interested in making it to his current position as the Director of Public Prosecution, the man in this office is not happy about his job… He has been working so hard to deal with naughty Kenyans but not everything has been well because the public in not willing to let go of their own.

According to a close confidant, the prosecutor is getting a raw deal from the public but again the same public wants him to do something to show that he is still in control. Actually, this is his worst dilemma…

There have been many corruption scandals that need his attention, however, with no evidence given and masses defending the corrupt individuals, this make his work very difficult.

In another cases of incitements, the DPP wonders why the police are not doing their job as is should be… He argues that the police who are law enforcement agent should be in the look out for these people who incite the public and arrest them before the case if directed to him to go ahead with duties pertained to his job.

Then he said that the law of the republic of Kenya should not be selective. While the police officers are quick to arrest minor law offenders, the big fish have ways of evading this because thy have the masses backing them up.

According to him, people of Kenya should avoid being included in matters that do not involve them. Moreover, if we let our leaders face their own demons; it will be easier for him to handle cases that are brought before him for the sake of public interest.

He said that those critiquing his ways of handling these cases are not being realists. These cases are so sensitive that a simple mistake can cause political unrest in with country.

Oops! The DPP maybe forgetful but he is doing a nice job. By the way, he never said any of these…

Written by waflay

A Kenyan blogger who understands that the world is so unfair! In Watching the World, he highlights his views, opinions and news in prose and poems for ONE REASON --- real story.


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