Why We Need Sci-fi Technology In Real Life

I wanted to reach there, but some limitations and circumstances kept me gazing over the fence, wishing and hoping that one day I will or my future generation will get there.

Then I thought, why should one hustle too much to go through classes, waste time reading and studying hard for exams before landing in a career that he or she never studied for? The world is crazy and so unfair, yet we have technology to correct this once and for all.

Chip in the Brain Technology,

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learning from sci-fi movies

learning from sci-fi movies

I am a fun of SCI-FI movies, I learn a lot from them and I am still hopeful that one day I will write a novel in Sci-fi setting.

Anyway, people make choices or discover their dream career when young and work extra harder to accomplish their goal in life- living their dreams. Some make it in time to start enjoying their life and others work, toil, and sweat for something that never come real. That is when chip in brain technology should come in. Why, either someone is occupying their position unprofessionally or it might be as a result of tedious channels for one to reach there.

Earlier in second paragraph, I mentioned something about one one landing in wrong profession because of circumstances or need for money. Do you know the reason why we have this ‘problem’ in many countries?

Sci-fi and Real Life

Imagine a technology that works exactly or more like LinkedIn. Now, let’s revisit Sci-fi movies once more: Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort had a link that could access each others thoughts and desires… the reason why I like this link is just for professional purposes only. If a job position is created somewhere, other people in that web would know and apply there and then to avoid wrong professionals taking jobs reserved for right brains.

As for people studying at school and do not have all it takes to attain the goal in life, then the same chip will be uploaded with all relevant knowledge needed to take job positions where under-staffing can be a challenge… Oops! I hope you have watched The Matrix, staring Keunu Reeves among other characters.

And this brings us to a my last Sci-fi movie, Elysium which summarize up what I am trying to say.

Have a thoughtful time…



Why Your Referal Link Seems Dead On Blogjob

What is Blogjob.com?

Blogjob for bloggers worldwide now not accepting new members

Blogjob for bloggers worldwide now not accepting new members

Blogjob is a social blogging site that enables users to write their mind on its social platform and also users have a choice to starts  a blog or several blogs where they can post blog-posts of their choice and get rewarded with points.

What are the Benefits of Being a Blogjob member?

The site offers rewards in terms of points which are them converted into monetary value. Besides that, users have a chance of learning from one another, get empowered to keep writing and socializing with worldwide community.

Oh yes! Blogjob users have an easy flow of traffic on their blogs which is can then be transformed into easy virtual revenues through advertising site -Chitika and Adsense.

It also offers an opportunity to those who wants to earn some money through affiliate marketing and strategies from https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/12/what-is-the-fourth-industrial-revolution-4IR.html… Prosperent plugin should be activated to get this benefits.

Who can Join Blogjob.com?

Anyone can be a member of this community. Unfortunately the site is no longer accepting new registrations for now. This issue will be sorted out soon. For now, only active members are allowed to log in and do their stuff on what they love most.

Before the door was closed, there were minor changes  on drop of points and this indicated that something was not right somewhere. The site administrator confirmed that those changes were necessary to keep the site at par with earnings section.

Sharing Options

Blogjob allows it users to share their articles on several social media  sites. It encourages sharing on social sites to boost returns in terms of traffic and revenue.

What Blogjob can’t allow

The issues of fighting plagiarism is a world wide struggle and so does this blogging site. Members are not even allowed to re-post their already published articles. If anyone is found infringing this simple rule, he or she risk can loosing benefits like getting points on articles submitted and even ban from the accessing the site.

Now that you understand these, are you ready to jump in when the doors open?

Thin SIM Technology, And Why Safaricom Is Against It

thin sim technology by equity bank kenya

thin sim technology by equity bank kenya

Mobile phone services dominated by Safaricom Limited in Kenya will have a major twist when Equity Bank Kenya, a dominating Banking service in the country ventures  into mobile phone services under its subsidiary, Finserve Africa Limited.

Kenyan Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Finserve is ready to start providing Equity Bank customers with thin film SIM cards which should be placed on active side of an existing SIM card -Thin Sim Technology- that converts an ordinary handset into a dual Sim mobile phone.

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Thin Film SIM cards from a Taiwanese company Taisys  Technologies have been tested and approved by technology testing firms and up to date, no vulnerabilities reported on primary SIM card.

Safaricom Which was seeking court order to ban the implementation of Thin Sim technology in Kenyan market suffered a major setback after Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the  The Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK) approved this new technology in the country.

However, they gave out a warning that if any vulnerability is reported within a year of trial period, the whole operations of Thin Sim will be nullified to wait for the final report after an investigation.

Why Safaricom Is Against This Move

Kenyan mobile phone service market seems to be so tricky to most companies which intends to have a market share with already existing service providers.

This is not a wonder why Equity Bank chose to go the ‘short cut’ in accessing the roots of the problem, and that is how it touched the eye of a giant -Safaricom limited which dominates Kenyan Market in Voice services, data and Money transfer services.

With M-Pesa services being major hurdle for other money service transfer providers, Equity Bank has partnered with friendly service providers to bring out cheaper but effective means of transferring money from one place to another by using mobile phones. And that is the main reason why it opted for thin SIM technology to facilitate this process.

It is obvious that Safaricom Limited will be the most affected if this technology becomes successful. The likes of Airtel Kenya, Orange Kenya and Yu-Mobile (Essar) have no say… it is celebration time to see the giant slain by a single shot.






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