Teenagers, Technology and How to Control Both

When something is happening out there, be worry that the same thing might be happening just behind your nose. This is all about teenager and the beast that we call the social media. The internet has made it easy for people to interact with those from the other world. The network has become part of our life and denying someone that link is like taking that entire thing that he or she has in life.

In news nowadays, we have heard of stories of suicide case where teenagers have either attempted or actually taken their lives because a parent or the society denied them a chance with the fancy gadget. In schools, things like this happen leaving the society with questions they can give answers to. This is a tricky society that needs courage to deal with, not just a something to run for like a quickie.

We want our children to appreciate what the technology has for them. But then, we should worry of what they are accessing while on their own. The internet is a good teacher but it can turn the worst enemy when the search button goes to a negative query. So, the question is, how do you deal with this sticky situation?
To some parents, they have installed software in teenies gadgets like mobile phones and laptops that informs them if a certain search term has been used. This is good but still not enough. There are lot of software that can be installed to monitor your teen’s activities on a compatible phone. You can see full range of refurbished devices on this site that can have these software installed.

According to a concerned parent, she said that she has passwords that her daughter uses in several social sites. She said that logging into her daughter’s accounts occasionally has enabled her to know hidden things that she could not access as just a friend on social sites.

While parenting is so tricky, technology is always a step away from majority of us. Those who know much better are the same people we have to put a leash on. The game is as hard as hunting for wild horses; you can cast a leash with a huge noose but prepared for a run just to get closer to them. But after all, a parent should always win… don’t lose this fight!

To Curb Global Warming, Responsible Countries Should Own Up!

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissi...

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by country for the year 2000 including land-use change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The environmental change, aridity of the land, common tsunamis, forest fires, destruction of forest covers for land use, and pollution of our environment through industrial emissions have been the common occurrences targeting a thinking man but also initiated by a don’t care man.

Don’t hurt my Earth! This simple but very powerful message was a placard held by a demonstrator during Earth day celebrations. This was a simple warning to those carefree humans who like making big sums of money while destroying something so precious in their lives. They know what they are doing is bad, but as long as they have a permit or license from their governments, they do not care about anything else.

Industrial revolution in European nations created many employment opportunities for the population. But this turned into a disaster since the ozone layer was at the receiving end. At the long run, global warming became something we can’t avoid. And measures to limit green house gases have always been faced with a negative force from the responsible countries.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Humans are animals that can’t be controlled easily. People have tendency of going against simple rules. They do not care much about other people. Making money has become the only way, the right way and the perfect way to remain relevant on this competitive world. This has happened on the expense of the dying earth.

The wrath of our motherland is being felt beyond the green house gases emission area. African could be safe, but because these effects are beyond human control, Africa is suffering slowly as aridity and desertification taking on a once green continent.

Why suffer when there is someone who should take up the responsibility? The government that encourages industrial emissions should be held accountable even when it means being shunned from the international community. Chinese government which is nowadays a front-runner in green house gases emission is like a naughty rich kid who is untouchable and ready to go an extra mile just to make sure everyone is involved.

I hate this evil, but what can be done to end this menace? Too bad, Earth is dying but the world is just watching from afar. What will happen in a thousand years to come? I hate to imagine what is I have watched in sci-fi movies come to reality. Of course I will not be there to witness the end of life support on earth, but I pity those who will be there— those who will be asking, what went wrong before us?

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How To Withdraw Money From Payza in Kenya

My money got stuck in Payza.com, formerly Alertpay.com, for years. I searched on the internet (Googled up How to withdraw Payza money in Kenya) but all I got was unsatisfactory results. My curiosity grew even bigger but in every attempt I made, I never wanted to risk anything with my online earnings— they were uselessly dormant but safe anyway hoping for a brighter day when everything will turn smooth just like PayPal withdrawal. Bitcoin loophole App has two trading modes – a manual mode and a fully automated trading robot mode. The auto trading option allows the software to perform all the trading activities without the need for human intervention. For investors who wish to handle their trades, the manual option will provide them hands-on control. Visit btcloophole.app for the best The Official Bitcoin Loophole Website. Bitcoin Revolution is an auto trading crypto bot that helps users to trade cryptocurrency and renders big profits to users. The software claims that the typical win rate that traders would get here is about 88%. In this text, we’ll attempt to compile up a guide about the Bitcoin Revolution intimately in order that if you’re wondering which automated crypto bot to settle on, you’ll get the proper idea about this one. If you’ve got been trading or mining cryptocurrencies, then you want to have seen those advertisements on your social media where it might say that automated crypto bots are making people rich. But as you’d agree, there’s tons of faux news that surfaces on social media a day . But so as to seek out out if Bitcoin Revolution actually does what it claims, give this post a really careful read. Bitcoin Revolution is simply one among the various automatic cryptocurrency trading softwares that are available on the web . With a win rate of 88%, this software does what it says, it can make its users big profits. the sole reason why we’re considering bitcoin revolution is that it’s got excellent reviews from its users, especially beginners. And as you recognize , we derive our pleasure by educating you all, which is why we might begin the bitcoin revolution review. is the bitcoin revolution a scam? is the serious question now a days.

With Payza, almost everything is complicated. First you need to verify your account, something that is almost impossible for many Kenyans since Payza does not recognize P.O Box as someone’s physical address— in fact the reason they give is that Post Office Box do represent the physical location of a Post Office building but not the address of the user. I wanted to verify my account, and then withdraw money. If you have been moved to The USA from UK and worried about how to transfer your pension amount to your account without any extra overseas debt charge, The best ideal way is to engage with UK pension transfer to USA. They provide you fastest money transfer without any overseas sur charge.

If you had an inkling that China was looking to institute stricter control measures when it came to cryptos, you would not have been caught unaware. But, short of a crystal ball, how would you have known that this is what was coming?There is a lot of information out there, and a lot of people claiming to be experts in the field of cryptocurrencies. But the truth is that this is a subject that can be difficult to understand. A lot of the self-proclaimed experts are just rehashing the same old tired information over and over again. You can get additional reading about DC FORECASTS CRYPTO.

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I faced this situation that left me wondering if there was anymore possible means to withdraw money from my online bank. That in when I went for withdrawal via Credit Card option.

Damn! Is an ATM card capable of carrying out this process? This was my first question that popped up in my mind, but since I was a desperate guy and was willing to take a risk just to move money to my physical bank account, I went for it without a second thought. Yep! This was the only way that miraculously worked for me.

A little reminder, I was not yet verified and my verification attempts were dashed because I do not really have a document —a pdf copy done by sodapdf of Bank Statement, water bills or Electricity Bills— that shows my physical or place of residence other than the rejected Post Office Box. Fortunate enough, by withdrawing money from Payza through Credit Card, one does not need a verified account since that process itself is one way of Payza Account Verification.

So I linked up my Visa Electron ATM Card to my Payza Account and set the ball rolling. I went through the withdrawal process using my ATM Card as the required credit card and an automated email popped up with information that I should wait for seven (7) working days for the process to be completed. Well, I waited for eight (8) working days before the second email was sent in with confirmation that the process was successful.

The Listening Caring Financial Partner

I was really impressed with Equity Bank Kenya on how they handled that transaction. Yep! At first, Equity Bank customer care representatives did not have any idea what Payza.com is all about and even someone tried to correct me that, maybe, I was confusing Paypal to Payza. I did my best to explain to them and they actually understood what I talking about.

Before that, I contacted Equity Bank Kenya on through it twitter handle @KeEquityBank when the process of withdrawal was at its initial stage. They promised to fall up through a phone call but they did not fulfill that promise. I waited for about two weeks after the confirmation email and called Equity Bank through its direct and its own mobile network subsidiary Equitel — the line linked to my Bank Account—and that is how the wheel of hope took to the right direction.

Equity Bank twitter customer care reps called me up and explained to me why it was taking longer than necessary to credit my bank account. A day later, they sent me a tweet (notification) that my account will be funded in two days time. Three days later, I was a happy man.

Anyway, if you’re a Kenyan and you have some money stuck in Payza.com then you should not worry since it is possible to withdraw through Equity Bank. Yeah! But Payza’s withdrawal fee through Credit card is $8, just something you should know but it is worth it if any other means of withdrawal seems impossible.

Internet Explorer Goes To Rest!

Finally, the tortoise is about to get a rest! After years of complains from users about speed and bug ridden Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the company has announced that the veteran web browser is going to be replaced by a faster and stable internet browser later this year.

The much anticipated Windows 10 which is expected to be launched sometime this year will come loaded with a new web browser, now in its initial stages according to Microsoft’s marketing chief, Chris Capossella.

Currently, Microsoft is looking for a name for the new web browser, now codenamed Project Spartan, to replace the aging the Internet Explorer.

The software company also revealed that it will not phase out its slow browser now running on windows platform because it wants users to choose between the two and decide what to go for.

Among the current four leading web browsers namely, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and the Microsoft’s IE, it is only IE that has issues with usability and efficiency. This is one reason why many people prefer to use other web browsers that are more secure and efficient to avoid unexpected outcomes.

Personally, I do not understand why Microsoft has in years been supporting ‘the best web browser in downloading a better browser.’ It has always been like this to me because I just can’t stand waiting for the internet browser to load what I request for.

Microsoft had that option for years since they launched there quick search engine— Bing, but they just never implemented what should have been the better option to stop windows users from running for other internet browsers.

With retirement of IE, I guess the company is moving away from the 19th to 21st century swift and stable software technology fit for the current generation.

Yes! I know you are happy that the tortoise will be replaced in Windows 10 scheduled to be launched later this year. What to do is to wait!



When Instagram Media Portrays The Person’s Inner Identity

Instagram is a social platform that allows a person to share photos and video with the outside world as a way of having fun. So this lady was happy doing her thing in Instagram posting photos of her own and was comfortable using this media to her pleasure.

But then she said that some of her friends felt that this was not good pointing out that posting your own photos in Instagram is something unacceptable.

Oops! She pointed out  that they had no business criticizing what she loved doing most and so they should keep off being a discouragement. She even said that with this photo sharing platform, she was set to accomplish her fun moments with the world.

She also pointed out that photos represented what she would otherwise have used words to convey a message. But then this other lady said that she had issues with her husband who had been posting photos of him and other women on Instagram. He said that he had never taken photos with her or even children giving excuse that he hates photos of him being taken. But she was shocked to find photos of him posing with other different ladies. She was an angry woman for she could not even remember the last time she had a photo taken with him since he always refused.

But then there are those who felt that those who loved using Instagram have a low self-esteem and that’s why they insist on posting photos as a way of getting attention. They were quick that this was an unacceptable behavior.

I think being on Instagram should not be an issue to anyone because it’s just like any other social platform where the main reason is to connect with the outside world. Photos are more beautiful and pass the fun in a simpler way.

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