What to Do When You’re Lost

How do you survive in an unknown place? When you are in a state of confusion, the world around you seeming so strange… looking from north to south

English: GPS navigation solution running on a ...

 GPS navigation solution running on a smartphone (iphone) mounted to a road bike. GPS is gaining wide usage with the integration of GPS sensors in many mobile phones. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, west to east and you realize that you are lost for real. What will be your first option? Will you make a call to the police to inform them of your troubles? Another question arise, will they help you out in time?

The best thing to do is to ask for the direction to where you are going. Look for someone to show you the way out. We have good people out there who would try their best to help you out; however, you have to make a move first before they offer a hand to show you the way.

As we you understand life, not everyone will be helpful. We have individuals who would do anything to confuse you further. Instead of telling you want to know, they would either lie to you or demand for something in advance before deciding whether to lie or to be helpful.

Now, how do you tell if someone is lying?

The first sign of lying rests in someone’s eyes. If you are good in reading someone’s mind through his or her eyes, then you will notice right away that the person is actually out to mislead you. To verify the truth, you need to find someone, away from the first person, and ask for the direction. If the person tells you to keep going, then you are safe. But if it comes out otherwise, then look for a third person and repeat the enquiry until you reach at the indented place.

Nowadays, it is easier to locate your desired destination by electronic means. It is either a phone call away to reach for someone you want or GPS when navigating through to a certain place. And yes! Google map is an amazing tool that one can use to know where he or she when GPS tool is ineffective.

Oops! These devices are not helpful when mobile networks are unavailable or when you are in a crime prone place.

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The World of Advanced Technology But With Increasing Threats

Two cellphone SIM cards (bottom and top)

Two cellphone SIM cards (bottom and top) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As far as technology is concerned, it is true for me to say that we are of late carrying the bank in our pockets. By this I mean that you don’t need to go to the bank to make any deposits or withdrawals since with a mobile phone and the respective sim card, and then you are there to go. But then with all this simplicity in making transactions then it obviously becomes a security threats to our having cash issues at our finger tips

And the threat is real as a remember sometime back, I received a text from my bank warning me of scrupulous people who are conning people that they can give loans at aver attractive rate and so should I receive such a message, then I ought to forward the sender’s number to the bank’s management. And true to their words, I received a text from an anonymous sender with the details I was notified earlier.

Then a relative of mine who is an old man once went into an ATM to withdraw some cash but experienced some problems and so he went into the bank to seek help from the customer care staff. He was helped out and went on with his business to withdraw cash only for an unidentified man pretended that he was a staff member from the bank and offered to ask the man if he had succeeded in his transaction. So the old man unsuspecting even entered his pin number as the stranger was watching with the comfort that it was really a bank staff employee. So the fake bank employee asked the old man for his ATM card only to switch it off with a different one probably stolen from another individual.

He was to realize that it was not his ATM when he went to withdraw again only for it to be rejected and on asking for assistance, he was notified that there was a withdrawal from his account in a different town. It was only for him to remember the experience he had with a fake bank employee who was a con.

Everyone is happy with the advance in technology that is taking us places but I think we ought to be careful as far money is concerned. Remember your pin number is your secret, don’t share it with anyone.

How Kenyans Are Embracing New Technology

A green, glowing SMD (surface-mount device) LE...

A green, glowing SMD (surface-mount device) LED (light-emitting diode) on the Arduino NG board from arduino.cc. The LED is marked with PWR. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The face of Africa is slowly coming to light. African countries are adapting to development agendas and it seems that every country seeking for a position among the best performing in Africa.

Kenya which has man power and resources to compete well among the best has not been left behind. With a 60% strong youth population, the country has been fore front in major development projects, especially in technology industry.

Nairobi, dubbed silicon savannah or tech hub of Africa, is beehive of tech innovations— from Mpesa mobile money transfer service (an award winning money transfer service run by the Kenya telephony giant Safaricom.co.ke) to Ushahidi to Smartphone apps that are transforming Kenyan’s lives.

The tech industry runs deep in each and everyone’s life. For example, some farmers have tested and confirmed a mobile app that helps them to monitor how their crops are doing, what to do, when to do it and what the outcome will be.

In another reported story, a 10 year old boy invented a simple Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) system to help keep lions away from domestic animals. The boy went ahead and gave a lecture about this simple circuit in MIT tech conference (US).

Well, even High schools are not left behind in making a mark in tech innovations. Science congress gives science students a chance to come up with projects that might be helpful in our daily lives. These students display unique inventions and mathematical theories in focus to help future approaches using new techniques.

Kenya government saw the need to have a tech city to encourage international tech companies to venture in Kenyan market. This dream has not yet come into reality because of financial hurdles facing the implementation of Konza City plans– vision 2030 tech-city that will transform technology in Kenya and for the whole Africa.

Kenya Wildlife Service To Introduce Drones In War Against Poaching

Ostafrikanisches Spitzmaulnashorn fotografiert...

Rhino, hunted for its horn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The war against poaching is slowly turning into a physical war zone as poachers, funded by international cartels have taken on the governments tasked to protect the endangered animals, as they seek for means to loot animal trophies for ready markets in Asian counties.

Kenya which has suffered heavily in the hands of daring poachers is in pilot stage in implementation of the third eye in the use of new technology to help keep up with tricky criminals.

Drones will be used to monitor the movements of elephants and rhinos in areas that are dangers to navigate through.

According to KWS spokesman, drones will be controlled by laptops and radio frequency signal post have already been erected in high points in the national reserves. He said that poachers will be easily spotted even before they kill an animal and that he expects that  many criminals will be arrested and face the law.

With drones in the air, poachers will be vulnerable to arrests and hence the fear will drive poachers to other countries where their is no aerial surveillance.

English: Elephant with injured trunc, victim o...

Elephant with injured trunc, victim of poachers, and baby elephant in Murchison Falls National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The drones are fitted with night vision lenses and this makes them the perfect tool for protection of endangered animals in night hours.

Although this program will attract some millions of shillings as investment, this technology is necessary to curb the menace that is going out of hand in recent  years.

Asian markets for animal trophies has made it possible for criminals working in this cartels to transport and sell illegal animal products to the black markets.

Even though African countries have in recent years taken the stand to burn ivory and rhino horns as a away of campaigning against poaching, poachers have not relented in their effort to kill as many elephants and rhinos as possible to feed the illegal hungry markets. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a car holding its breaks, desperately trying to avoid colliding with a deer on the open road. That doesn’t sound good, does it? In fact, as we can agree, no one ever wants to be in this position. In this kind of scenario, not only can you hurt yourself in the case of an accident, but you could also spend thousands of dollars to repair your car after hitting a deer. All of this because you did not buy a deer whistle, which costs less than 20 dollars. You must check out https://feedthatgame.com/deer-whistle-for-car/

With this drone project, somehow animal deaths will reduce and the criminals operating in this field will quit for other businesses.

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