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Technology – Waflay Post
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Solving ‘Not Charging’ Error on HP Laptop

I have had this issue for a while, and I now officially seek for a technician’s advice on how to handle it effectively. I have this computer issue that seems time consuming and unworthy as is. If you have ever experienced an issue with charging, whereby the laptop would charge for a while and then stops, with a message that ‘Charger Connected, Not Charging!’

I have been working my best to keep my laptop running but this issue makes it harder for me to do my stuff effectively because in times of need, the laptop just stops to charge up to 100%, instead it remains connected and directly working as if it has no battery attached to the main laptop.

The problem as shown in the screenshot…,


Checking on the internet to know what is happening to my laptop, there are very many stories and suggestions that I have already tried by still the issue is consistent. This is mostly reported on HP laptops, mine too falls under this line of HP laptops.

The only time that the problem seemed to have vanished was when restored my system, however, in about twenty minutes time the charging problem came back alive as if nothing happened before.

I contacted  with servermania london data centre UK dedi servers ,They said me  it is hardware issue because I will not agree with you in one bit. The first time it did this, I was forced to format it fully— and yes! The problem vanished for so many months. In fact it was good for about a year or so until the time my hard disk started having some issues. Basic Knownhost Web server software that merely provides access to static files is more secure than sophisticated server software that provides functions such as the execution of CGI scripts, the processing of server-side includes, the handling of scripted errors, and the dynamic listing of directories.

Web server software also differs in the degree of control accorded to browser users. Certain servers allow users access to only certain documents or directories or sub-directories, while some allow full access to everything. Some can be configured to allow access to certain directories according to the IP address of the client machine, or to individuals who know the right password. There are a few Web servers that offer data encryption, a necessity for e-commerce web sites. These are mainly commercial Web servers.

Since the time I bought the new hard disk drive, the laptop has been working well until today that it has started having this nuisance.

I used to think that I am good in fixing issues on computer related electronics by reading the manuals with the online sodapdf tool, but here I have to say that I need some assistance in handling this thing effectively.

Waiting for your say!

The Hard Disc Drive

sata HDD for laptop computers blickpixel / Pixabay

Where was I yesterday? What really happened that kept me outer virtual world? How was the problem solved?

In one of social media sites, I received a message from a great man, a friend of mine, asking why I had just dissolved into nothingness for about two days. In his words, he used words like ‘hidden undersea’ and ‘forgotten like an extinct beast.’

Well, today I here to have a say and by the time I finish up my story, you would understand much better why I chose to go underground and how I managed to emerge from it all. The sodapdf offers advanced security and collaboration features, is easy to adopt, and increases productivity. Best part is, you can access all Soda PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through Soda PDF.

Okay, it all started a day I go when my laptop decided to refuse to boot up. I performed some maintenance on it but it remained down. That was the moment I was forced to format the whole thing.

Well, that did a trick— oops! For a day or two.

The laptop was up and running as usual. In my mind I thought the problem has been solved, only to crash again. This time for real… It could not even repair itself. I did everything I could to ignite live into its components but all efforts did a dead-end. Computers and laptops are prone to breaking. Whether it concerns physical damage or non-working hardware, small problems both physically and virtually can later migrate to larger problems. PC Revive offer unrivalled knowledge and have all the tools to repair your computer problems quickly and efficiently. You can also visit website link for getting best repairing knowledge.

Diagnostics showed that something was brewing on its Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The thing could not even accept new software—-

The Search for New HDD,

Seeing no chance of survival, I had to make the final decision, to go look for a new HDD. In Nairobi, the desperate you are the more the damage you would incur.

It appealed to me that whatever I was looking for was almost impossible to get. The pricing was beyond what I thought and it was just ridiculous. The Nairobians and love for money is something that we have to live with. It was sad that these people wanted to make a newbie out of me in electronics world. However, being a know it all guy made it possible to get the HDD with capacity that I wanted.

Anyway, I am back and running. My virtual world is smiling once again now. It is great to be right back, blogging and doing other stuff on the internet.

Forgoten Social Values

Nothing is wrong with women being empowered to take up a bigger place in the society. In fact we advocate for equality in every aspect and when we see women being subjected to a second class or only coming at a second place after the man, we ask question as to why there is still such kind of gender setting in this time and era.

But as we appreciate the society and transformations it has undergone to bring out the power of women, we have to admit that somewhere along the line… we messed up!

Money defining a man,

‘I can’t stay with a jobless man. Real men just don’t wait for their wives to provide for them.. they should do something to make their own money. My money is mine alone, but his should cater for his family. I just can’t allow him to feed on my sweat.” A female caller said these on the national radio.

Well, she was not alone. Other women who contributed to that morning radio show had similar views. And some calling to say they never ever entertain a jobless man. And someone even put it is straight that is her husband loses his job, she will move on with her life and forget about him. These clearly show that money defines a man.

Powerful woman who despises the society,

Well, as she was being empowered we forgot to mention the need to uphold her values in the society.

‘What are you doing with that dog, anyway?’ A message from a certain Nollywood movie when a woman told her best friends that her husband is a jealous type who do not like seeing her talking to strangers.

According to these women, a woman should be free to do whatever she wants and whenever she desires. Here is the advice they gave her,

“Ditch the dog and enjoy life girl… life is so short to be stressed up by a man.”

So strange, huh!

Well, to these women, marriage is a gage that should be avoided in all means. Being free defines what they need in life. According to them, marriage is for losers who have no time with themselves.

Please, Switch Off Your Phone.Thank you!

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand hel...

Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even as mobile phones have come to make our communication very easy, we have really allowed them to transform us. One thing is for sure that most people sleep with their phones under their pillows. You will even hear people saying that they cannot imagine a life without a phone.

In our day to day activities, we have come across warning messages especially in churches as a reminder of keeping our mobile phones off as respect for being in a sacred place. But most people tend to maybe ignore this or not taking it with the seriousness it deserves.

So you will find a high pitched ringing of a phone in the middle of a sermon and you can be sure what kind of a disruption follows. But this person is to blame for having the phone on in church. I remember an instance when a woman who had her mobile phone ring in church actually received the call and told the caller to wait for her call after the prayers are over.

But the there are instances when it appears that having a mobile phone may after all not be very necessary  or is a waste of time. Take for the case of a lady who is in a salon for the monthly treatment of her hair. In such situations, you will find that she takes regular breaks to respond maybe to the house help back at home and so something that could have taken a few minutes may in the end take hours.

Its true mobile phones may be very important to anyone maybe businesswise but it’s always good to do what you feel is right. This means you can put the phone aside may be even when in a meeting since it is not always about your phone but other things also matter. Remember your friend can invite you for dinner to have a good to have a good time together but your too much concentration on the phone can ruin everything.

When a Problem Becomes a Good Lesson in Life..

English: A diagram showing a possible WI-FI ne...

A diagram showing a possible WI-FI network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember sometimes last year, I had experienced numerous black outs that left me to go about looking for places that I could charge my laptop. So it became my daily routine, to take my laptop to my brother’s place determined to go on with my blogging.

So here in my country, we have a number of internet providers that vary with cost, speed and signal strength. For my case, I usually use the one whose connection is cheaper but the strength of the network depends on location.

The problem with being at my brother’s place was that there was hardly any network that forced me to look for all means so that I could get a network access. This meant placing my modem on top there but at times, this did not work out well for me as I tried to reach my daily target of blogging. But when one is determined to reach places, obstacles seem to come out of nowhere and goals just become unachievable.

But then something came to my rescue, here I had a phone that had WIFI connectivity and it came in handy so I had no problem as far as signal strength is concerned. So what I did with my phone, I just went to the wireless and network settings, then to internet tethering and set the WLAN hotspot to ‘ON’. Then under the WLAN hotspot switch I set it to ‘ON’.

So everything for me was now simplified and I’ve been very okay since this new discovery. These are some of the things that happen that leaves one wondering why you didn’t discover much earlier. But anyway am good to go with stronger network connectivity so long as I have a simcard subscribed to the megabytes of my choice. But anyway sometimes desperate times call for desperate solutions in a bid to achieve something.