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Parenting – Waflay Post
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Does Your little Girl Deserve a Communal (public) Beating Just Because She Has a Boyfriend?

violence against children

Children’s rights are infringed each time a child undergoes corporal punishment, be it, from the parents, teachers or any other person out there.

In this generation, we have to adhere to the laws. However, human rights should not be sidelined. And this is also applicable even in times of war.

Kenyan law is very clear about children’s rights. In fact, corporal punishment was abolished in schools in Kenya and so far, those who are found to have committed the offense have paid dearly for their mistakes.

It is so heartbreaking then to see a girl child undergoing torture. The main reason being, she is spending too much time with her boyfriend. Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

Well, the parents argue that she should be studying instead of running around with boys.

The ugly truth is,

When the mother found out what was happening behind her back, she decided to dispel the kid from her house at 9 in the evening. That was the first mistake!

Of course, the 14-year-old girl had nowhere to go except to her boyfriend’s house where she spent a night.

The next day, the worrying mother went around looking for her daughter.

With tips and clues from her spies, she landed to the door, the only barrier between her and the hiding daughter.

With her two accomplices, they forced entry into the house and found the girl.

It took the neighbors’ effort to calm her down and let the daughter go. However, the trouble did not end there.

Another mistake followed sooner than later,

According to another story, which I cannot verify, the mother dropped her daughter in the hands of strangers who humiliated her for hours. They beat her up saying she was being punished for being a bad example for young girls around there.

Taking matters into her hands, the 14-year-old took the first chance and disappeared from home.

Worried about her whereabouts, the mother thought went around asking for information about the missing girl.

With slim chances, she decided to contact the girl’s boyfriend.

Oops! He refused to talk about it.

A few days later, the girl returned back home.

Where was she?

Why did she decide to end up in the hostile house?

And who, besides the known boyfriend, could host the runaway girl for all those days?


Inflicting pain to your child, does it have a positive impact to your child’s behaviors?

Well, you may have your say!

A Friend With One Mysterious Dirty Secret

In those days, I was in High School, a mixed school in Nairobi county where I had time with a few great people who still linger in my mind. I remember one time when I asked one girl, a student, what that one thing she wishes never happened in her life. In my amazement, she took my note-book and wrote the following short poetic story:

My heart cries him,

My tears have not yet dried down,

I can feel him in my heart,

But I can’t hold him,

Touch his hands,

Say I love you in whispers…

Long gone,

Gone from my life,

But still there in my heart..

So vivid is his image..

My true lost love.

I was touched by this piece that I remember a drop of fresh tear running down my scared cheek. Well, I did not have courage enough to  ask who he was, how important he was and why she just could not let go.

Yep! I chose to inquire more about her love life, her family and everything that might bring out the reality in her life. He close friend told me that she is a reserved person who hardly share something personal with her friends. That was something! Then why me?

Another person who happened to be her neighbor said that he does not know much about her because they moved in from an unknown place and that the family is not that close to neighbors. Okay, that was a dead-end!

I happened to know her brother from a neighboring school. So, I just made a move for friendship before digging further into their life. There I found out that their father died some years ago but his death hit his sister more than anyone else. That was when I was face with the last ‘why’ that only her could give me the right answer.

It was then that I decided to go and start a conversation that lead me to posing that one big question. I was already ready for the consequences.

Her only answers was like,

You already know why, and I don’t have to explain things that are so obvious’

Well, I understood her perfectly well. But I could not connect the dots to see how that was possible…


Marriage and Having Kids Was Not Meant For Everyone

There are reasons to believe that marriage and having kids was not meant for everyone. It is not bad to lead a celibate life, but we have those people who are already married or have kids of their own, however, they do not have all it takes to be parents— leave alone parenting values that might undermine their scores.

It is not that such people do not have resources necessary to bring up a healthy kid in a good parenting environment, but just because they feel that a child is a hindrance for something else. And they prefer taking other responsibilities as their first priority over their child or children.

In this era, where everything is bought by money, the search for money has taken over people’s way of life. In news today, there was a report that a two-year old boy is yet to start talking because his mother is ever out. Which is insane, considering the amount of resources available online to even teach kids how to write synonym.

According to the neighbors, the kid is always indoors and rarely see the sun because his mother is ever busy for him.

The concerned neighbors usually let him out when his mother is not around, feed him and allow him to play with other kids before sending him back to his den.

The mother who works both day and night is said to be a friend to the local police officers that this has shielded her from being arrested for negligence.

The last time that neighbors reported her to the police, the male police officer who was sent to deal with the matter ended up sleeping with her. This made the concerned people to mind their own business.

When a parent do not have means to bring up a child, the state should either force the parent to exercise his or her duties or take the child to children homes.

Why work the whole of your life while your child is suffering at the other end?  Parenting involves giving your children that much-needed love. Or if you know you can’t deal with parenting stuff, employ someone to take care of your child.

Carefree Attitude in Bringing Up Children

English: Child maid servant are widely work in...

Child maid servant are widely work in India, engaged by their parents to earn extra money, although it is banned by the government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While some parents struggle to make their families perfect for their children, other parents are there bringing up their young children with a don’t-care attitude. To them, children should be provided with food, shelter and clothing and nothing more. The part of knowing where there children are, what they are doing, and who they are hanging out with is not their problem. If you are looking for natural solutions for androgenic alopecia and hair loss, then you should definitely check out these DHT blocking foods. We have done the research and found the best foods that are nutrient-packed to supercharge your health. These power foods contain vitamins and naturally occurring compounds that help stop the production of chemicals that may be triggering your stop hair loss. And they may even trigger new hair growth so you can have a full head of hair again.

In most cases, their children are perfect the way they are and do whatever they like with little attention from them. It is easy that way to avoid going mad over kids.

As these free-roaming children grow into another stage, they only see life as if without a good direction. These children ends up being misled by the world, and because they is no one to give them the right cause, they end up taking the wrong way that might lead into trouble.

Care-free parents are always willing to come in defense for their children. It hurts them when their children are in trouble but to make things more complicated, such parents are there to make sure that children are protected, no matter what the situation.

It is sad that such children are gang leaders, bullies, and capable of doing anything for amusement. When hurting an innocent child, they only see it as means to have something to smile about.

There are those children who change for better, and come out regretting everything they have done in life. The blame goes direct to the parents who barely know that what they did was bad. However, it hurts when parents realize too late that they are the cause of everything.

As a parent, one needs to understand his or her responsibilities to the child. A happy kid is not the one who has been taught how to live life by the world, but the one who reflects back good guidelines from his or her parent. Training a child to behave well while out there is just one step to family happiness.  A happy child is a happy family.

Ignorance on the part of some parents

For the better part of a few weeks, there has been a heated debate concerning an immoral gathering of young people branded ’Project X’ with a unique function where there are no rules. So the police have been on the lookouts for any such upcoming events where the majority of Kenyans felt that the young ones were being introduced to some form of porn lifestyle.

Now that the public was well aware of such undesirable events, just about a week ago the police were tiptoed of such like event in a certain residential house. So they raided the house and arrested about 140 minors with ages from seventeen. But parents of these young men and women faulted the police for arresting their children who were just having fun. They refuted the claims that it was a ‘Project X’ gathering with a parent who was interviewed saying that it was just with some crazy party with children drinking alcohol, smoking but there was no orgies happening.

One wonders how some parents think that teenagers taking alcohol and smoking are amounting to them having fun. This would definitely have led to other things which the parents might not even be aware of or are even too ignorant to check on what their children are up to. Most of the young people are losing track of their lives in future for failing to have someone who can talking to them. But if as a parent, you show your child that having fun is drinking alcohol and smoking, and then what kind of foundation are you setting for him or her?

Let the children know that there is time for everything and they need to take control of their lives. Let them know that there is enjoying life and there is ruining a life and even as they have fun there is their future ahead.