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Love and Relationship – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Do they even care?

Drunk Father

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last week we were treated to the most inhuman acts as far as domestic violence is concerned. According to this couples neighbors, they were always arguing most of the times but nobody thought that anyone of them could choose death as a solution to their marital problems. So on this day, this woman pored paraffin on her sleeping husband, set him ablaze and then left after locking the bedroom door. Neighbors who heard children screaming for help that their father was burning managed to gain entry into the house. The couple’s two children were in the sitting room unharmed but their father was already dead. This woman died two days in hospital with reports that she had taken a lethal poison. Nobody wants to be trapped in jail. But when you don’t have a reliable and affordable solution for bail for domestic violence in CT, it may feel like you have no other choice. That’s why Connecticut Bail Bonds Group believes in fast service with a range of payment options that make it easier to cover costly bail expenses.

It is such an emotional torture to these kids who watched their father die and even more that they no longer have parents. Looking at this incident, one wonders what this woman thought to achieve by killing her husband and then taking her own life. I looked at the girl who is nine years of age with all the innocence may be even too young to comprehend anything.

Even if the woman is dead, I know most people who heard of this incident really branded her as the most evil woman with a very stony heart. May be her relationship with her husband was headed for the worst and she felt that saving the situation was impossible and she could not stomach failure was written all over for the two of them as a couple. Her actions are summarized of not even being a caring mother to her two children because did she even stop to think of them.

But then how many families does this sort of incident represent? There are others out there who do crazy things that make one wonder whether they really care about the welfare of the families. Let couples sort their differences in a sane manner

Is it my problem or our problem?

When two lovers come together in the institution of marriage, it’s obvious to encounter challenges or problems which if couples face them together then they are set to be heading towards the right direction. But the question that they both need to ask themselves is; is it my problem or our problem? Let both partners pick up our problem route and then start from there. When the two lovers said ’I DO’, it meant that they vowed to be there for one another in all times should be in happiness and even in hardships.

Our problem means that when the two partners came together in the institution of marriage, they both became one and so anything that comes their way is better solved by both. Let them feel that they are part of the problem since it’s always true that two are better than one. Then no need for arguments as this only wastes more time.

First if one partner has a problem that is proving hard to sort out, let him or her tell it to his or her partner. Remember a pressing issue shared even when challenging is better off examined closely and discussed with both partners. They should discuss what really happened for them to find themselves in a problematic situation. Is it something that was done that was not necessary or is it a slight mistake that led to the problem? At this point there is no need of dwelling on who did this or that. The main point here is to look for a solution as it’s the only way to move forward.

Then they should not only be one in times of problems but also let them be one in parenting roles. Let the children in the family feel they have two parents who love them and let them be their role model of oneness.

Is it really killing for love?

Just a few days ago, there were this shocking news of a boyfriend who stabbed his girlfriend to death in her parents home after they had an argument and then went home and killed himself by taking a poison. He left a suicidal note taking responsibility for the death of the girl who was found in the pool of blood at home by her father.  Looking at this incident one wonders whether they really knew what it is to be in love. Even if two people are in love, they need to know challenges are there and so being in a position to be able to deal what comes their way the better.

We all know that a relationship is open to be healthy or unhealthy and the two partners should accept whatever course their relationship takes. No one should force any romance on the other but I guess most young people seem determined to make things work to their favor even when no hopes linger along.

What happened to a healthy or unhealthy relationship scenario? In this case one should be able to gauge if you are in a healthy relationship or not. If you are not able to cope up with your partner, then let go everything because no amount of pressure from anyone might change this. Then be able to move and just know  that one failed or broken relationship does not mean you cannot land to another good one and what’s more better a broken relationship than a broken marriage.

Looking at this incident, it seemed like this young man had no left options to even let go this girl into another life with someone else. So he just thought ending this relationship meant no life for both of them. What if they both were not meant to be? Too bad that he could not stomach that even though in this life he ought to know that anything is possible.

Should she just put up with it for the sake of her marriage?

It was in a morning radio show when this lady called and said that before she got married to her husband, he used to drink alcohol but the problem was now that he had become too much. And what’s more he pees on the bed once he is drunk and she has had to deal with this mess for the last four years not knowing what to do.

She went on and said that she has tried talking to him about it but he gives excuses that he is going to get late for work. He once told her that she should consider herself lucky because there are women out there who deal with more than being with a man who drinks too much. He went on and said that he provides financially, does not cheat on her or has never even beaten her up. He further added that this was a small issue and she ought to give her time and she was there wondering how this was gonna continue.

The first caller was a lady who said not unless a man is recuperating, this is unacceptable and no woman should have to deal with it. She went on and said no woman in her sane self ought to put up with this because it’s like you are trying to live.

Then this other man called and said that for the sake of the marriage, it’s only good that you devise a way of making things better for yourself. He suggested that he ought this lady ought to look for a polythene paper and cover the mattress and so she will be left with the easier task of only cleaning the bed sheets.

But then this woman was in a dilemma on what to do and especially that she knew there was a problem and had no idea on what to do. Someone once said dealing with a man even on issues that need medical attention is hard.

What That First Time Contact With The Child Means To Him

When he comes to see the baby for the first time, what does he do?

This is one question that women do not have a right answers for. But to us men we do understand perfectly well that this is the only moment to confirm if our genes were passed on well to the kid or someone else contributed to the fatherhood of the child. Oops! That hurts but this is the reality..
When a man holds the new born baby for the first time, he checks to see some similarities between him and the child.  To feel that unusually special urge to be with the baby and to confirm things that no woman would understand…  Hey, all these take seconds in his mind and means a lot for time to come.
To some men, the first contact with the child skin wakes up his most important side of a man— that feeling of broadly happy daddy come alive. But if that inner sensation doesn’t happen, then a doubt will emerge in his mind and forever will he remain suspicious until the DNA test is done to convince him to accept the reality.

Why some men easily accept responsibility to a child who is not theirs

Well, I know some women think that they are too smart that they can easily force someone to take up responsibility for a child even when she knows that he is no the real father to her child. Okay, sometimes the plan goes through but this does not mean that he is so naïve to know he is being taken for a ride. Taking that responsibility is just a way of being close to the main target— you, and if other expenses comes along, then so be it.
Only a mother knows the paternity of her unborn child, right? But things turn into reality when the child is born. So, don’t be amazed when his happiness turns into a frown when he holds the new born for the first time. It only means the communications between them is repulsive. But it is difficult to tell a man’s happiness because some of us would look happy when we are actually sad and vice varsa.

Now I  guess you know!