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Politics – Waflay Post
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Who Is Gonna Be The Next Kenyan President?

The shape Kenyan politics is already whole. For people who have not yet decided on where to cast their vote, then I guess it will not matter that much because the race is almost complete. Or should we say we do not need elections at all? This is because there will not be changes in the current leadership. Kenyans will only cast their lots because it is constitutional to head for elections after a period of time, but nothing big will happen as the current leaders will only be confirmed as the most favorite for Kenyans.

There have been major corruption allegations in the country. The people of Kenya showed how tired they are because monies are lost into the thinnest air as the head of state and government watches on. The president did almost nothing to make things right for the people of Kenya, but still when it comes to presidential elections people seems to forget competence aspects in someone as they go for those who will give a lot of money, those working in tribal lines and those who seems more promising for goodies.

In the recently concluded voters registration exercise, the strong holds of Jubilee ruling alliance came at the top with CORD’s strongholds coming second. This is clear that the determinant third alliance will only show the way for the stronger to party to carry the day.

Between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, both have a chance of emerging at the top but the president will use all government machinery to remain in power. Of course we are only waiting for the money that got lost in corruption scandals to hit the streets. There, people who are easily driven with handouts will have a chance to run for money and end up voting for the current president.

With these major determinant aspects, there is no need for presidential elections come 2017… the government of Kenya is not gonna change anyway!

The System Designed To Hate The CORD Leader

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 10JUN2009 -Raila Amolo...

CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 10JUN2009 -Raila Amolo Odinga, Former Prime Minister of Kenya, Kenya Business Alliance Against Chronic Hunger – World Economic Forum on Africa 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, June 10, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leader of the opposition and the torch-bearer of the Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD), Raila Odinga,  is a legend who has fought been in major battles and has always emerge as a winning loser. This means that all his effort to make Kenya a better place has always turned negative because of forces beyond his power.

Through his unending efforts in pushing for the wheel of change, he has garnered a lot support from Kenyans but still his chances of rising above and over everyone else are so minimal. Why? This is so because of the systems that controls much of Kenya’s governance.

It is known that Raila Odinga is a man who would push for changes beyond some individuals who fear what he might do while in power. These people are super rich Kenyans who have dented the dignity of the sovereign Kenya. They have taken things that are meant for all Kenyans and called them by their own name. These people survive because the presidency is a cover for their corrupted ways of life. These are people who make choices for the sake of all Kenyans. What people in Kenya elect into power, are just the handpicked individual who is supported by the underworld systems that controls Kenya.

In Kenya, anyone who supports underworld politics is the one who rises into power through the easiest and quickest ways. But those who are for accountability and reality of change like Raila Odinga,it takes like forever for them to make it.

Kenya was founded by the will of many, but this changed a few years after Kenya was made a full republic. The then president made it almost impossible for other people to gain the power. The president created a firewall between him and other people. He made sure that tribalism, nepotism and other ‘isms’ are in control of major decision-making channels. And this has been repeating itself for over 50 years now.

What I hate the most is that Kenyans have no say about all these evils. Majority are unhappy about leadership… however, they remain with hopes that someday, Kenya will be how they wish it could be. Yes! Maybe this will happen when a person like Raila Odinga becomes the president of Kenya.

I think we are better off under the ICC

Just last week the two remaining cases of crimes against humanity were officially dismissed citing insufficient evidence.The cases were referred to the ICC after the majority of the M.Ps unanimously agreed the cases were better off in the Hague rather than before a local tribunal.So after the decision to kick out the two cases,the victims lawyer though unsatisfied with this move mentioned that they would not appeal.

For the two individuals,this brings about happiness but I guess for the victims,a spell of doom engulfs their hope for justice.The scars of those injured may have healed but what of those with scars of emotional stress having lost their loved ones or more so lost their normal life.The government has  promised to look into the plight of the PEV victims and do the necessary but one wonders whether this promise holds water, bearing in mind it’s 8 years+ since the violence took place.No top leaders have been charged yet in connection to this violence and at the same time its obvious the victims know some of their attackers very well because it so happened that a neighbor could turn against another neighbor all due to being to a different tribe and still nothing has been done to the well-known culprits.

But then the prosecutor opted to ask the government to surrender three individuals who were accused of manipulating crucial witnesses, something which really interfered with the two cases by making them very week. A few days ago, a leader allied to the ruling coalition made some remarks that the ICC had no business make any demands as far as the individuals are concerned because it had proved to many that it’s not up to the task of delivering.

Kenya needs to remain a member of the Rome statute to maintain sanity to those leaders who think that bleaching the peace of a country is the only way to pass a strong political message. One thing is for sure as long as ICC is watching then crime offenders will definitely keep off.


Corrupt Institutions Running The Big Show

When corrupt guys know they are wanted for their crimes, they only have to put up a court order to bar anyone from snooping further.

With Kenyan judicial system being in the forefront in taking in crime-money as fines and gifts to the judges and magistrates, the corrupt individuals do not have to hide their asses in the dark.

In what I understand, cha mlevi huliwa na mgema (what belongs to an alcoholic is eaten by an alcohol seller). This saying fits well in the jig-saw puzzle that revolves around corruption and the courts of law in Kenya.

In recent years, the judiciary system has been ranked as the most notorious institution in corruption scandals.

According to the published reports on crimes happening in the country and the most common people involved, the judges and magistrates made to the top… followed closely by other government institutions and the private sectors put up a spirited competition but came third most corrupt institutions in Kenya.

With most corruption cases bending in the courts of law for so many years, people only wonder how the system has been dragging on moves to make some people pay for crimes committed by a few individuals.

They say, justice delayed is justice denied… A common call for people who believe in justice and the rule of law…  However, Kenyan judicial system can not be trusted in handling of multi-billion graft scandals. It is as is employing a monkey to take care of ripe bananas—

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) was formed to deal with corruption cases in the country. It is sad that their quick reviews and termination of cases for certain individuals makes the whole system lose its true meaning.

Seemingly, the judicial system is here to serve who is who in Kenya as miscellaneous individuals or common Kenyans given no chance to argue their court cases through.

I hate these systems! They only let evil reign like forever in Kenya.

Wetang’ula Makes It Obvious that CORD Is In Trouble

The small cracks being witnessed in Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) party will eventually become a hole that will be so hard to seal off.

It only started as a small matter for indoor discussion and solved within the three preferable presidential flag-bearers, but as things have escaped into the public eye, someone else might start interfering with the setting and things might turn up loose and irreconcilable in the near future.

Although, the leaders have been categorical that  nothing is happen,Moses Wetang’ula‘s launch of the presidential bid that was disrupted a few weeks ago, is a clear indication that someone is trying to make it so obvious that  something is not right.

Recently, the secretary general for CORD coalition made it so simple for those not interested in the party. She said that if they feel they want to move or jump into another party, they are free to go.

Well, the members of the public who supports this party had a lot to think about. They termed that statement as a instrument that will lead to the downfall of the party. And that CORD will be unstable is one of the principals decides to leave.

In the history of Moses Wetang’ula, he has been in the previous governments for years because he is a man who can be bought cheaply. He was an avid supporter of KANU,and Moi even when the western people were supporting the opposition in very aspect.

Moses Wetang’ula was in Kibaki‘s government, together with the current president of the republic of Kenya during the darkest moment in the east African country.

Now, the only thing that comes in the minds of people is that, he is trying to jump fences to his preferable place—- join the ruling alliance— and see how favors stream in.

What he has forgotten is that, if he makes that move, then his desires to be the next president of Kenya will be doomed. Kenyans do not like people with double stands.

The fall of CORD coalition will mark the end of democracy in Kenya.