When Humanity Comes First

It is possible for the hippopotamus to rescue a drowning Elephant? If we go by the size and an ability to make things work as expected, then the hippo cannot be able help out when called for the task in rescue attempt in that scenario. But if we go by the law of up thrust force, then it is possible for the elephant to be rescued by the hippo.

Now, the law of humanity states that all people on earth are equal but there are occasions where some humans are more important than others. Consider the scenario whereby, a little boy is dying of hunger while the king is calling for your attention. Where would you render your service first? The King’s needs come first because he expects you to, but by going for the dying child, you would definitely make the whole world happy.

The moment you realize the most important things in your life, you will for sure be the happiest person on earth. In most cases, the better usage of your mind speaks volume about your hidden characters. Life in itself dictates that humans should value others in the category fit their own wishes. This means, treat someone in the manner you would wish someone did for when in need.

When people with honor are faced with a problem, people in the same status seems to evade their pleas for help… but such people normally get solace from the society they never thought would come in their life. This is how a hippo may be of great help to a drowning elephant, and may succeed if given a chance to make things right.

Humans are unique beings, yes! But sometimes some people behave as though they are from heaven and not in need of others… that how the society we live is divided. In most cases, they are only united when the tragedy hits them hard.

Snoops and Curiosity In Other People’s Family Affairs

She came to him and said, “Is this your son? The boy is so beautiful unfortunately he does not look like any of you. I wonder how that is possible… but congrats anyway..”

She even had guts to ask if the boy looks like any member of the extended family— either from the kid’s mother side or from the father’s side. Damn! She was so adamant as if the man needed to start doing some investigation to know the reality.

Believe it not this was just a stranger who was just having a say about the latest child in that family. Obviously, she wanted to shake up things in that family by creating a doubt about the paternity of the child. But for what reason? What was she expecting?

People will always have something to say about something or someone. How could she say something so negative about this child when almost everyone was saying positive things about it? People should learn to appreciate things positively. Everyone has an opinion about something but negative approaches about whatever always leaves a dent of doubt and might result into other big problems.

In life, you only need to talk less about something, however controversial the situation may be. Reserve negative opinions to yourself or to those who do not matter…. But if you have to say something, then be brief and on the positive note.

It is absurd to think that you know more than anyone else, playing the perfect DNA machine for family issues that do not concern you, and making it your business to talk unnecessary stuff about them.

The person who is the first to know the paternity of the child is the mother. Only she can tell f the person she is staying with is not the real father to her child. Anybody else has no other chance of confirming the reality until the DNA test is done to ascertain the facts.

How To Stay Happy In Life

Human life is never complete if a strain of happiness is not in the mix. This is for sure the defining moment for most people on earth. Happiness is a state in mind where someone feels at peace, with nothing much to worry about other than to create more happiness in future.

Well, it is great to feel that warmth in heart but remember happiness and sadness are two opposite things that like walking almost hand in hand. Why?

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them..” by Steve Maraboli

The fact that you are alive means that anything can cause sadness in your life. There are so many things that make one unhappy in life. Oops! Not the time to go in details how sadness is spread in someone’s life, I do know that you are already aware of some external forces that messes up with someone’s inner peace and creates a vacuum that sadness likes to occupy from there on.

While you are still pondering on factors that might result into unhappiness, let’s focus our mind in human life, especially on the positive side of life. What defines happiness in your life?

I happened to be in a certain function where the speaker asked this question. The first two people who gave their answers based their thoughts on money and riches. Well, they were accepted as the best answers that most people go for. However, he highlighted reasons why people are easily driven by these two, and finally said that for one to have total happiness, he or she must accept who they are and built the base from there.

Happiness itself is a process that needs constant positive approaches to problems that comes along and ways of handling them successfully. Just be honest with yourself and never postpone anything that comes your way. Life itself is complete as is, why postpone a problem till the future that you do not know?

What to Avoid In a New Love Relationship

It is very easy to fall in love with someone, but hard to live with it. Love itself is as free as gases we breathe in, but maintaining love lifestyle needs more than what you may have thought of in the first place.

Now before you feel it is time to express your feelings to that one special person that your heart id dying for, there are a few things that you need to free from your mind first.

Your ex,

Most of us have been in a relationship that did not work. We may be influenced to carry the same mistake we made into the new love relationship. This is a big ‘NO’! Everyone on earth is unique and should be addressed as such. People often make a mistake by comparing the ex to the new catch, and even going ahead saying negative things about the ex. For your information, no one wants to hear something about your past love life.

Too busy,

There are habits that do not any value in your love life. Most relationships survive for a long time because the parties involved give it much of their time and resources than anything else. People who do not have time for each other have no reason to whine about bad relationship because they are usually he cause of all that might happen afterwards.

Talk about it, include all that might affect the future of your relationship and know how to deal with them. Let that person understand everything about you and make a decision based on the views about it. If the person accepts all then it is good to go.

Unrealistic Approaches,

Well, it is easy to say a lie than how it is to tell the truth. Trust me! Everything you say about yourself will be verified later as time goes on. This is why you need to say all about you, negative your thick bitter past…

Being unrealistic makes a relationship to hang on balance. You only need to be yourself and let the person take it from there. In other words, a relationship based on lies only leads into problems in future. You do not want that to happen.

These three are just among major vices that makes love life very difficult and might lead to break up. Avoiding them is very easy. Just be yourself, have time for him or her and forget about anything else that does not matter to you.

Look on the positive side of your life

I sometimes look at most of the aspiring leaders when they are delivering their speeches; they do it like they are sure that us the voters are gonna vote them in. They have clear and well-defined agenda that show what they are ready to do once in office such that one can mistake them to being the present leaders.

For example listening to the opposition leader, his speech alone shows he has what it takes to take the job of governing the country if we would give him our votes. So the same case applies to us that whatever we would like to be in the future should make us shine now because we know that we have the capability.

Then it’s good to look at your life like a cup half full rather than looking at it like if it’s half empty. A cup half full means there is something in it and so if you think of your life this way; then it means you are already viewing on the bright side of things and so you gonna make maximum use of what you have. On the other hand, a cup half empty means nothing inside and so a life considered to be in this manner means that you are looking on the dark side of things and at the same time thinking of what you have lost or missed.

Your success largely depends on how fast you are able to grasp opportunities as they come in every second in your life. The chance for you to make it starts at how you see yourself today, tomorrow, and in the near future. Life dictates for people to make sound judgment about themselves first before making an initiative that will definitely be the life changer. Just never underestimate simple things that come and go… they might turn out to be opportunities that will determine your future.

Lastly, you don’t have to depend on what people say about you— no matter positively of negatively. People would always see an opportunity in you first before you even know it. But if you are not careful, lots of them would want to use you to achieve their own goals. This is not good for your first step into prosperity.

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