NCPB Scandal, Kenyans Are To Blame!

It is another tale, another logic that has left Kenyans wordless and another reminder for us to do something. This is as if we haven’t been trying to make Kenya a corruption-free country. 

CORRUPTION (picture by pixabay

I say, this is another tale but for sure it is just another day in time that a big scandal has been divulged and the vise just went a notch higher.

Why? The only reason is the fact that we never do something about it and we never shy away from corrupt individuals. In fact, we award such people with a political post. That is just how merciful we are.

Kenya is being munched! The people just don’t care as long as they live another day and the wheel of life keeps on covering time in days, months and years. What they don’t realize is that they are not making any big difference.

In terms of development, Kenyans are known to be hard workers. They don’t complain much and are willing to do anything they can to make the ends meet. However, the few individuals who should be safeguarding the Kenyan resources are the same hyenas who are making people’s lives much harder.

The recent NCPB scandal that saw Kenya losing a Billion Shillings is just another test to see how Kenyans react to missing cash. Of course, the perpetrators will walk scot-free and the money will never be traced further. No cent will be recovered.

Oh yes! The president will talk tough, maybe assign a few corrupt individuals to look into the matter and puff… they will snatch the darkest smock and come out smiling with nothing to show. Raila Odinga will speak in sayings and end up quiet like any other powerless Kenyan. And the deputy president will talk tough, like how he does best, and the wheel of blame will continue rolling on and on.

What shame! Kenya continues to lose public resources to a few individuals. Corruption still tastes like a bitter pill on our

tongues. Yet, we sings praises to those individuals when they come seeking for our sweet lots. Of course, we hide them good in big public offices, clean their names, and defend them to the bitter end— even when it means losing our lives. Damn! That’s is how Kenyans show their generosity to those not deserving it.

Just heartbreaking to see people suffering, Kenyans losing their lives in something preventable like hunger and famine. We have the necessary resources to make Kenya a stable economy. We only fail to make it right because we assign wrong people to do right decision on our behalf. We invest in corrupt individuals whose only motive is to swindle public resources and enrich themselves. At the long run, we end up experiencing economic backlash.

Until when? This should be our turning point. We should learn to ask hard questions and shun those people who make our lives much harder. We can avoid situations that undermine our wellbeing by being smart in our political decisions. It is is not hard to change. It is just one way to minimize chances of being used as a shield in wrong ways. Kenya is a good country, a rich one, and can easily sustain each one of us if all public resources are managed with genuine motives.

Are you tired of all that is happening in the country? If you are… then, it is only you who can make things right.

The Gift Of Happiness

what makes you happy?

At what moment do you feel the true meaning of the gift of life?  There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

While we seek for these reasons, first we ought to understand what the gift is and what it does in human life in order to have a title, gift of life and happiness.

It is obvious that people only feel gifted when they are able to do something and be proud of the outcome.

This means it is hard to hear anyone say something positive in their life if nothing worth is part of the outcome.

This gift can be anything; something that brings happiness.

There are those who feel so happy when they have received something from someone or through an act of fortune.

On the other hand, we have those who feel great when they lend out something to those who need it the most… in fact, they would give it away and never look back.

Being a philanthropist is a journey that starts at birth and ends at never. No other way!

Those who like giving things away were born to be that way, and extending a hand to a needy is the only thing that makes them happy.

Such people are not rare; in fact, we have those who would give out their personal possessions until they have nothing else to give away.

Those gifted to make the world a happy place,

The funny guys!

The gift of happiness may lack at a certain place; blame the sorrowful nature of our world.

However, in that gloomy environment, we never miss someone who would leave us laughing into stitches by simple words, simple acts or both.

These people find happiness when they make other people smile, if not laugh.

We can say they are gifted to bring liveliness in a quiet environment.

Now, what makes you happy… what gifted world do you stay in?



When Is The Best Time To Start Dreaming Big?

The journey into greatness starts with the first, or an initial stage that determines what you want in life. The thought about your later life, what yo want at the appropriate time and when you wish for it to happen will definitely be your values that should be exploited fully for your dreams to be realized. The thought about tomorrow should always be your driving force. The moment you start dreaming of something means you are ready to make things change in your life. Now, nothing should deter you from becoming who you want to be.

The fear of dreaming big is what brings people down and beyond chance of them coming back to reality of life.Those people who fear being different from what they are ends up being who they are now ten years later. No change,no nothing except their aging facial and physical reality. This is not good because life itself is a challenge that needs constant decisions, constant ideas for later years and making up great fights just to accomplish this.

In every second that passes on, life ticks closer to its terminus. The secret about life realizing what you want and making plans necessary to accomplish it. There is no short cut that can make someone great. Just a putting in a good fight, having relentless war against yourself and creating chances for the better good is all you need. Remember, these endeavors are all you need to make your life roll into the right direction. The more effort you put in, the higher the chances of reaching for your next target.

It is good to put up a good fight for things that makes you great. There is no perfect time for you to start dreaming, to start looking for that next catch, to start an advantage that will end with you being a victor in that symbolic war. You know what? It feels great to build something for yourself, by yourself. Oops! This is why dreaming is the best thing to do in life.


Work hard to be successful

In this  life, you need to  be actively involved in the betterment of yourself in terms of where you live or as far as you are concerned,you are contented to be where you are and with what you have.Success does not just come to anyone,but to those who are determined to reach better places.

But then before anything else,you need to ask yourself what you need to have to really feel that you are successful.Then you need to know your starting point in line with the goals that you have set aside for yourself and at the same time alternatives should be stand-by in case of any deviations from the initial plan.Then if you are set to start your hard work towards success,then this means you already know what to do in order to get there.

You are looking out for success but what is your mission and vision ?For example if you may be hoping to have invested in the real estate in like after a period of five years,then you ought to plan well in order to accomplish this over the said period. Just start somewhere and proceed from there. Waiting for chances to avail themselves is not the better way of going about your plans. Instead, create the much-needed chances that will make you have a starting point, and a better way to make it happen.

Successful people do today what others are doing tomorrow.This means that such people are unique such that once an opportunity presents itself,they are able to grasp it by doing the necessary  verification and if things go well, they invest some resources just to see how they turn out to be after sometime. This means, these people are not afraid of losses. They only have the necessary resources for what they want to become by tomorrow.

It is not good to wait for luck. In fact luck should only come when you do not need it. Great minds takes business at the best of its time.

Have your say!

You Should Not Hate Her Because OF Her Weight

A few weeks ago, it was in the print media how married women were really adding weight after the first few years of their marriage. This made the opening remarks on morning radio show where the listeners aired their take on this issue of the weight gain. The question that arose here was whether the women were responsible for their upward growth in terms of weight.

While listening to what the listeners had to say about this, it became obvious that most men hated their women due to having gained a lot of weight .One caller said that most women go about eating a lot of foods, being lazy and so the end result of this is definitely gaining lots of weight. He also added that they do not take time to even think what this lifestyle may do to them.

But even if most women tend to gain some weight after being married, there are many factors that may lead to this scenario. I remember a response to a blogger concerning fat women who really outlined lots of negativity to such women after she wrote that they are fat and cannot run from this fact. Somebody else responded to this writer that being fat does not mean what someone eating but rather is what is eating them up. By this I mean, there are women out there who will add some weight when they are stressed up.

So I was here thinking that as a man, should you feel alarmed if your wife starts gaining weight? I think that we should all appreciate that a change is something inevitable in us as human beings. By this I mean adding weight is part of a physical appearance that is still subject to change and so in this case, no man should expect the wife to remain slender like when they first moved in as a couple.

So let’s live to the vows that we exchanged before our relatives and friends and not use lame excuses as to why you find your wife no longer attractive. It only happens in the mind when you start thinking your wife has added so much weight yet this is not what really matters for the two of you to be happily married.

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