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Crazy News – Page 5 – Waflay Post
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How Kenyans Seems To Underestimate Violence…

When a politician makes inciting statement in the public gathering, and the crowd responds by clapping, whistling and making positive remarks confirming that they do agree with that, who is to blame?

In Kenya we have rules that should be adhered to when one is talking in public or on registered media channels. The person should not incite the public or use certain terms to direct political assault to a certain community.

It is sad that because of our barbaric way of life and love for violence, we do not respond negatively to inciteful statements. Just a simple walk away will do… or when you are waiting for your favorite speaker, booing will do.

People who love violence would be there to laugh on serious matters. Why wait for the authority to tell you what to do?

It has happened that, the public or people on ground are always ready to defend a bad leader.  Kenyans are ready to stand by the rot in every means possible. This is why tribalism is way too engraved in our heart and mind that whenever an individual is faced with incitement claims, the whole ethnic lot will be there to support the person even when they know it is wrong.

Why treat an individual as is,

A person in his cool mind should be focused in doing good, not for the sake of his own benefit but for the better good for humanity. Supporting violence does not make one mighty. In fact it makes you look foolish in the eyes of those who care for the people.

A person was born alone. This person may be having you as his supporter but he does not care about you or humanity as whole. If he or she can speak dirt to someone else, then why not speak the same about when he is with other people?  This is a challenge to all Kenyans who loves violence and inciting remarks— You better think twice because politics is always like time, at one time it favors you and in another time it forces you to run.

Walk away!

But why commit suicide?

Incidents of people committing suicide especially the youth have been happening at an alarming rate that makes one wonder the reason behind it and why anyone would wish to give himself or herself a sure death. They are those who leave a suicidal note but others just take their own lives not even leaving a clue as to why they came to such a decision. But whichever the case, the family is left agonizing as they try to come into terms with losing a loved one.

The questions arising from such situations are; did he or she had no one close to talk to if there was any problem? Or was taking his or her life a solution to anything? No answers can ever make anyone feel better that there was a reason why the deceased took his or her own life. But anyway death is something that we cannot all change.

So just yesterday, I heard a mother who was asking people to remember her and the family after the son had just committed suicide. But then just a few days ago, middle –aged man who had been a teacher in a certain school took his life by hanging and left a note and with instructions how his funeral should be conducted. He then gave the names of the chairman, the secretary and treasurer of his funeral arrangement committee.

According to his proposed chairman, they both had been long time friends with the deceased who had also given him the mobile phone number of his best man during his wedding with a message that he wanted to be relayed to him. The deceased also gave put the name of the pastor that he would prefer to conduct his funeral service. It was also the wish of the deceased to be buried before the New Year kicks in. In his note he urged them to keep time and continue living in peace.

It was an extra ordinary thing for anyone to leave behind well laid plans for his funeral but then the question still remains; why commit suicide?

Calf With Human HEAD Shocks Meru Residents

Scientifically speaking it is possible for human cells to fuse with an animal cell and give rise to an ‘animan’ — give it a scientific name.

Meru, Kenya is on the world map for this recent birth of a calf with human head

A local farmer was shocked to see the newest member in his farm. The cow gave birth to a calf that its head looked somehow identical to that of a human being. Now it has become the talk of the nation because this is something considered as bad omen to the whole village.

Obviously, villagers are still in shock and some are still wondering what really happened for such a calf to be like it is. Majority are saying that a man had canal knowledge with the cow but for some, only an act of God can bring out such humanoid.

According to some elders, young men have lost the sense of thinking right and that they are going for animal sex to quench their thirst of ‘need’ other than to look for their fellow human beings.

Other communities have not been left out either. Some are calling for an animal sacrifice and the ‘animan’ burned into ashes.

Amazingly, none of these wonderful creatures grow up into maturity. They die too young or never survive hours after birth.

The internet if full of such stories, with some dating back in time… The recent ones have been as shocking as that from Meru, Kenya but after all it is an occurrence that has happened before will continue happening in future.

In ancient stories, we have heard of similar occurrences, mentioning creatures like Minotaur which was fierce humanoid characterized by its strength and physical appearance, popularly referred to as ‘half bull half man’.

In other stories, such like creatures were very helpful to man and they made a big deal in the communities.


What If Chickens Start DEMONSTRATIONS Against Human Holidays

A small flock of Easter Egger chickens

A small flock of Easter Egger chickens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kukus in Luhyaland have decided to go back in time to rectify where their forefathers went wrong. According to chickens’ spokescock, someone made a mistake by allowing chickens to be on the menu for Christmas and in other occasion. He said that generations after generations, chickens face the fate of the treaty that was signed by Luhya people and then leaders of the chickens’ family. And that this has resulted into heinous killings of their fellow kins.

Yesterday, chickens committee came up with a solution to there problems. The leaders suggested that they should travel back in time and make sure that treaty is not singed. They agued that humans do not really care for them and that guinea fowls and other birds of the forest live better lives that how they thought live could be.

Chickens also accused the Luhya people for failing to honor an agreement that they would not allow other humans to take a bite on chicken products. As a result, many chickens have faced a knife in the hands of illegal human activities, endangering the future of chicken population.

What infuriated chickens so much is the recent statistics that confirmed that this month of December alone, about 10 million domestic birds were slaughtered in Luhyaland. And that the number is still rising steadily until the peak of December festivals that will be held on 1st January 2016.

The decision to go back in time was voted unanimously by all domestic fowl community. Some suggested a ban on chicken meat processing by Luhya community.

Now a date has been set for the willing chickens to make that trip back in time to save the situation. What they did not say is how they are planning to do it when technology that might help them has not been invented. However, rumors have it that chickens have an inner ability to leave their body and travel in spirit form to, either the future or back in time. Of course, no one can confirm this… let’s wait to see what will happen next.

Experience With a Petty Text From Anonymous

Now that most of the people have mobile phones, it’s obvious to find individuals sending crazy text to others. May be it’s just a coincidence but they inform you with surety that your partner is in another relationship and thus means harm to you as the spouse. Some people will definitely over react and so maybe this will result into a fight but for others, this will just pass especially for couples that will bother to talk this issue out.

Such texts have been in circulation for some time now and I remember this issue came up in a certain radio station. In this case, the presenter was warning the listeners to beware of the unpleasant texts that may be a threat to the family peace.

But then depending on an individual, someone called said that her husband received such a text and instead of getting his facts right first, he definitely believed the sender’s words and this became their reason for an argument. He could not accept her innocent pleas just being manipulated by a stranger as far as their love life is concerned

Another listener said that for her case the stranger called her number claiming that she was his long-lost love and kept questioning why she abandoned him. He was so persistent that she opted to refuse picking his calls and so her husband took over and one day talked to him. So this unanimous caller told him that his wife was his ex-wife and even inquired if she had given birth for she left him when she was pregnant. So this alone became a problem right there for her husband could hear none of her explanation yet she was a victim of petty callers.

So let people beware of such crazy people out to tremor relationships but only for their crazy, unknown reasons.