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Crazy News – Page 4 – Waflay Post
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How a Disabled Man Was Denied A Chance To Receive ‘Miraculous Healing’

The Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind by El ...

The Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind by El Greco, c. 1570 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The  sun was up and shining on the green land that we call earth. The man of God was on the podium preaching the word of God. Casting demons and healing people who approached him with different problems— both physical and mental problems. Those who were healed were dancing, running around and others chose to cry for an amazing healing they just received. It was such a nice day for God’s powers being manifested miraculous to those who needed them most.

But then, I saw a needy man waiting in line hoping to be healed like everyone else. I knew him very well because he never misses his begging spot in town. He said that he has been in that state for a very long time. He was born with disabilities on both legs and he feeds his family through well-wishers. Never have he been in class like other people because of his demanding close attention. Anyway, he was on the line waiting for the miracles that seemed so abundant.

Then pastor looked at him and said,

I feel a repulsive force that I have never felt before. I can feel Devil himself coming towards me.”

Then he started praying, adding a few ba la ba ba sheh within the text message to God and lastly, he pointed his finger to this person and said,

You have darkness in your heart. God is telling me that you have not yet repented your sins. Now it is time to go back to your house, kneel down and pray to God. Our merciful God listens to the sinners like you. Just go and repent and come back here to get your healing.”

Upon finishing this long this terrifying line, the ushers rushed in and carried the man off the podium. They left him there confused and rushed back to the stage to join the so-called healed fellows.

Now is ask, do pastors only heal unknown people while those you know never get that chance?

Courting and Touching an Imaginary Female PASSENGER..

Steering Wheel

An amazing driver does the unthinkable..  (Photo credit: Wikipedia

I sat in the passengers’ seat and watched him turn around and speed off on the clear highway. I rarely start as conversation with strangers but today I tried to speak to this passenger service vehicle driver about his hustles in his day to day life.

At first he was like, he did not want to talk to me. Maybe he was expecting less from his passengers or was concentrating more on his daily routine that he just ignored me and continued turning the steering wheel to and fro as the vehicle accelerated down towards Nairobi town.

Then he just started talking to an unseen person. At times he could laugh a bit and on the conversation went on.

I was like, who are you talking to? The guy looked at me and told me to mind my own business.

Well, I sat there and enjoyed a one channel conversation. What I liked the most was the fact that he was happy! On his face was a constant smile, revealing some clean and nicely set teeth…

The imaginary passenger happened to be a girl…  I could sense it from the way he was talking. ‘Sweetying’ the air and of course blowing kisses in the air as if kissing one one 🙂 . That was  the first time I came to believe that we are all mad but the degree of madness is what really matters.

What makes someone to prefer talking to self than talking to a real person? This was the rhetorical question that was revolving in my mind and still is. I was there… but only as the hindrance to, maybe, what he had planned for his imaginary girl.

Why say this?

Oops! His left hand was constantly moving and touching on, what I suspected as, an imaginary thigh… and going naughty a little bit before withdrawing the hand.

I really don’t know if he was for real or was just playing with my mind. What I know is he was a good driver.

Director of Public Prosecution Speaks Out About Graft..

While thousands might so interested in making it to his current position as the Director of Public Prosecution, the man in this office is not happy about his job… He has been working so hard to deal with naughty Kenyans but not everything has been well because the public in not willing to let go of their own.

According to a close confidant, the prosecutor is getting a raw deal from the public but again the same public wants him to do something to show that he is still in control. Actually, this is his worst dilemma…

There have been many corruption scandals that need his attention, however, with no evidence given and masses defending the corrupt individuals, this make his work very difficult.

In another cases of incitements, the DPP wonders why the police are not doing their job as is should be… He argues that the police who are law enforcement agent should be in the look out for these people who incite the public and arrest them before the case if directed to him to go ahead with duties pertained to his job.

Then he said that the law of the republic of Kenya should not be selective. While the police officers are quick to arrest minor law offenders, the big fish have ways of evading this because thy have the masses backing them up.

According to him, people of Kenya should avoid being included in matters that do not involve them. Moreover, if we let our leaders face their own demons; it will be easier for him to handle cases that are brought before him for the sake of public interest.

He said that those critiquing his ways of handling these cases are not being realists. These cases are so sensitive that a simple mistake can cause political unrest in with country.

Oops! The DPP maybe forgetful but he is doing a nice job. By the way, he never said any of these…

‘Smile Very Often,’ Teacher Told..

When they approached him, they thought that he was carrying illegal contents in his bag. They even demanded that they search into that backpack to confirm that he was not lying. But why? Does it mean that anyone carrying a bag is hiding something from the authority?

Nope! Police officers were only interested in his behaviours before they alerted him for inspection. The scared look in his face was what sold him out to the law enforcement agents.

In the country where it is hard to trust anyone, even the genuine law abiding citizen have dirt in how they walk around while doing there stuff.

Like this known teacher in the community, he had nothing to hide but maybe the officers suspected that he was carrying some controlled substances, leading to that kind of attention.

Oops! Before they went away, they gave him an advice: “Sorry sir, we were only hoping to get something from you bag. Go and do your duty to the community… teach our children well. And try to smile very often.”

They left him somehow confused as to why they said so. However, in years that I have known him, he is a ‘no-nonsense’ kind of a person who prefers minding his own business. His smile is far fetched and he rarely has time to show some happiness.

What I want say is that, there are some professions that requires someone whose smile and laughter are not like a bank loan— paying bitterly—- but comes natural like a waterfall in rainy season. A teacher for instance should be a caring person who understands little minds that are out to get education in a friendly environment.

Now, the choice of any profession means you need to change how to behave, and if it means pretending in order to meet the requirements then do it and emerge the winner.

Dirty Me, A Representative of Many Kenyans…

Sometimes I don’t understand myself me! In one moment I believe I do understand what I need in life but the second minute, I find myself trusting someone else more than I do to myself. This is not good to me. I need to make better decisions that will be cool to me and to the  people around me. But nope! Should I care about anyone else? Not unless the person hails from my backyard.

The reason why Kenya has been stagnant in making progress is because persons like me are all over this nation. Like me, they want someone to tell them what to do. Like me, they know they are right but they are eager to listen to the accused who comes out trying to redeem self from the shackles of blame. And like me, they change their mind so easily and the chains of the victim falls without the second opinion.

I have a problem with where I come from too. This makes me so glued to my backyard that no one else should talk about it. A Kenyan out there is just like me… Ready to defend the rotten lot just because the rot comes from my backyard. I just wonder why I can’t let someone to face the wrath from the world just like a naughty kid on the streets. My ethnicity has engulfed every piece that chants to humanity, it has besieged my mind from seeing what is good for the whole society, and left nothing but a baggy mouth to sing and dance to things that means nothing in my life and to others. Damn! This sounds more like atypical Kenyan.

When I hear my favorite politician criticizing a certain community for political reasons I throw in a punch to show my eagerness to stand for what being said. I forget that the person is inciting me into violence as I shout on top of my voice in confirmation that it should be done… and Yes! Stand there to defend the violent leader with all tribal backup he or she can get. Mmm! I just not alone in this!

Now I ask, who bewitched me and my fellow Kenyans?