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Crazy News – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Drunk and a believer in witchcraft

When some people take alcohol they tend to usher in a new character of being talkative even if by nature, they are quiet. I have always heard people saying that drunkards mean nothing serious going by what they open their mouths to say since they are manipulated by the liquor. Even anyone who picks a fight with a drunkard is faulted and told that he or she should know that drunkards are very foolish in this state.

So I have known this ice seller for quite some time as a hardworking young man who does his work with a lot of passion. Just a few weeks ago in the evening, the young man who was drunk was shouting at the top of his voice giving a warning to his behind the scenes person if he continues disturbing his peace. He went ahead and said that he comes from an area where witchcraft is custom to bring sanity to evil doers. But then nobody could tell to whom his threats were directed to and so people just watched in silence.

Then just yesterday, the young man again repeated his initial threats of taking someone to a witchdoctor and immediately he said this, two young men appeared and told him to either keep mum or better get about his business and leave that place. It was then to emerge that the two men had been abusing him for quite some time and funny enough the two had been summoned by the area chief who asked them to make peace with this young man.

The crowd was now growing bigger with some teasing this young man that he was adamant of going to a witchdoctor, so let him act in real not only empty talk. Others told him as he was a believer in non-existent powerful people who are out to get money from anyone who trusts them, then he was good to go wasting his hard earned cash.

When Nudists Carry The Day!

While some may term nudity as a  crime, we have people in the society who were born with this thing that drives them to go nudepublic display of their birth suit— and amazingly, they like when people talks about it for a while.

A few days ago, about 60 elders from a certain community in Kenya went nude because they wanted to curse witches and wizards whom they termed as the evil lot that deserves a Curse from the gods.

Well, the public loved the scene that comes only once in a while and some of us would go a whole life cycle without seeing such a scene.

In digital world, we expect trending photos to cross borders and the world to laugh at it. And Yes! The images did trend for a while on social media whatsapp was the main platform for the spreading issue.

Did the nudist achieve what they wanted?

In African society, such nudity curses do not leave a mark on anyone… only a shame for those who believe in them. In Bukusu land for example, people who walks naked as only known to exist in a society of night runners or when someone is insane.

But in some occasions, the parents who are quick to anger do walk naked to protest something against their children or when the community is not ready to listen to what they have in mind, something that needs quick solution.

The nudist love controversial ways of life. The moment you give them an opportunity to display what their clothes hide from the public, off they go nude just for fun 🙂

Well, in football matches, nude fellows sometimes do their thing in the field of play… just to waste a moment of two. Streakers, a good name for these unwanted entertainers.

Damn! Does it feel fun to walk naked in broad day light? Mmm! Now, I don’t know until I understand how people benefit from creating a scene.

Why Do People Hate Truth?

There is a saying that goes ‘Speak the truth and the truth will set you free’ but to most people doing it in action is a no go zone.

You will hear feuds between family members and if you follow what is causing so much drama, you will find that lies are carrying the day. I remember an incident of a married woman who had gone to the extent of creating lies of how her husband was the most wanted criminal yet it was her who had pinned him to the police of how he had questionable deals.

It was to later emerge that her husband was against her infidelity and so she had look for ways to curb situations that would make him unearth what she was doing behind his back.

Also I have a number of people saying that during courting, a healthy relationship comes from a bunch of lies on the side of a man.

Like this man who once said that if you tell your woman anything, her first reaction would be that you are definitely lying and so he went on and said, then lie to justify the obvious because it seems that lies are sweet. But anyway how true this is I cannot tell but maybe it’s out of critical thinking.

But then there are others who are faced with situations which they think telling the truth may mean suffering all the shame.

For example I have heard in the news of a grown up married man yet uncircumcised only for his secret to be revealed by his wife after an argument.

Circumcision is the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood and so anyone who has not undergone through it would rather hide the truth than suffer the shame being left out by his peers.

Apparently, Women Prefer Men Who Are Rarely At Home…

It was in a morning radio show when a man called and said that his wife once told a friend that she prefers to be with a partner who drinks. This man said that he does not drink and is always home early after the close of his business.

He further added that he cannot go to places that he has not planned for so as to pass time and please his wife by going home later in the evening. Moreover, he said that he has always thought being home early was something good for the family and wondered whether his wife would prefer someone who goes home very late or even fail to appear at home altogether.

So listeners were asked to air their take on this issue,

So the first caller a lady said that her husband do not drink and is always at home monitoring her every move and even asking unnecessary questions. She quickly pointed out that she would prefer a drinking one ten times.

Then this other lady said men who take alcohol always take for their families for outings when they are out with their friend enjoying drinks. She said that the non drinking men do not bother creating time for family recreation.

Then a caller man said that women are never satisfied with what men do and he particularly mentioned that they have been complaining that men have no time for the family. He continued to say that when your wife sees you around too often, she claims to need some space and so will always see their men at fault.

Then this other lady said men should not be home too early and as such should look for something else to do as a hobby. She also said that they should also create time and be there when the family needs them.

I think this issue of drinking depends on an individual and so no one should be influenced into doing it.

Her Advice: Give a Man Freedom to Marry The Second Wife…

It was in a radio show when this woman called and said that when she found out about her husband’s infidelity, she talked to him and asked him to bring the other lady that he was seeing.

It was then that she told him that he was free into marrying a second wife so long as he could take care of her and the children in all that they needed. She further added that she was ready to share her man with another woman rather than having to worry about the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that he might bring home from unknown places.

She also said that for her case she was married in a church wedding and there is no way she would think of going back to her parents for something that she can easily put up with by looking for a solution within.. She further said a cheating man will always remain a cheat and nothing can change that.

But then this other woman posed this question; why do you think our grandfathers had more than one wife? She quickly pointed that the answer was right there and that’s why there are rising cases of infidelity in monogamous families.

This other lady said staying with a cheating man is a crazy thing for anyone to do and quickly pointed out that she would leave her man due to his infidelity.

She continued to say that her husband vowed to be on her side always and not the other woman and so she wouldn’t excuse her husband for such a behavior and approve to use the decoration from their wedding , including the chair covers for wedding, centerpieces and more.

May be the solution to infidelity is going for more than one wife but then it still depends on the individual. I think it is good for any man to put family values at heart since what matters is a healthy family setting.