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Crazy News – Page 24 – Waflay Post
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After Kapedo Massacre, Now What?

I saw horrifying news on our local news stations and wondered why it had to happen that way. This was not the first time to hear and watch security officers retrieving the bodies of their fallen colleagues in a botched operation is areas prone to cattle rustling.

In November 12, 2012 Kenyan news stations carried news headlines about Baragoi massacre where over 40 police officers were killed in a failed operation in Turkana region, northern Kenya. We were left in shock as we saw decomposing bodies being retrieved from the scene. Up to today, we do not have the truth. What went wrong and who was the person in command…

In recent incident, over 20 police officers were ambushed and killed in Kasarani area along Kapedo Lokori road -Turkana East Constituency as they were trying to tow the vehicle that was burnt by the bandits in a separate incident. This shows the level of insecurity in that area, but the question remains why did senior police officer underestimate the situation and chose to go the easy way— sending inexperienced police officers in such a dangerous mission?

In both incidents, should we blame it on ignorance in our police force or there is something that we are not being told? Here is why we should think outside the box. How?

We have to put in mind that this region is very sensitive security wise, and one would think twice before setting the ball rolling. However, one thing has remained unaltered, they let history to repeat itself.

Lets say the man or woman behind that operation knew very well what was going to happen. Being someone who has benefited mostly in cattle rustling business, he or she masterminded the whole operation in both ways— being for the junior police officers and on the other hand commanding the bandits.

We know that we are very fragile when money is lying on the table. Corruption can make someone lose his or her mind— divulge plans and secrets to the enemies and let evil to prevail.

A good reason why the victims called for back-up but all their cries fell on dead end. I hate this! How would you send your people on a dangerous mission and fail to have a back-up plan? I wonder!

Another thing that could have let to this recent killings is the forgetfulness of Kenyans. Yep! It is two years since the first incident occurred, now again because an officer in command forgot to warn other police officers that the operation was not that simple. So, I guess they just went into the trap and oops! May day…..

Mmm! Up now no one has resigned because of this? Okay, this is just Kenya I know. Monthly pay comes first before responsibilities.

I hate Evil!

Wages Of Meanness

The gain of miserliness

The gain of miserliness

What do you accomplish by being mean?

I have known a person who would rather go hungry the whole day than share something -whether little or big- with his closest friend or family.

To him I guess it is just natural but to me it means something else. However, on this world, we have different people and we should not be there to judge them on how they conduct their ways of life.

By being someone who is hard to give, it means repelling all good things that people plan for you. Imagine a world where by you live by your own because you do not have anyone as a true friend! Like living on an island that is never visited by people, you alone with no one to pass by and say hey. That is the world of a mean person.

There was a time when I visited this friend of mine to ask for some cash that he owed me. However, because he was not ready to part with money in his pocket, he decided to lie that he was broke and that I should wait for a week or so because he was waiting for his pay. I had to leave empty handed even when I knew he was lying.

To show that he was a caring guy, he accompanied me to his gates before bidding me bye till another day.

When he got back in the house, part of the house was on fire. We do not know what caused it but it consumed most of important documents plus some money in his secret money-box. It was controlled and extinguished in time but the damage was already done.

It was then that he called me to say that he had lost a lot of money in five minutes that he was seeing me off and that it would take a while for him to recover everything he lost.  That was one way of saying, I should give him time to recover the lose before demanding from my money —or just forget all about it and move one.

Was I to feel pity for him?

First he lied to me— something I do not forgive

Secondly, he was determined to let me walk away empty handed even when I had told him my financial situation— a crime in friendship

Thirdly, he was a pretender who cares all about himself.

With all that, I told him to keep my money ready in one week’s time


Surrogacy Business in Kenya

Surrogate mothers, should they be encouraged to do this business?

It has been confirmed that some unusual businesses are rife in Nairobi area, most commonly between the rich Nairobians and their poor counter parts.

As we all know, not every woman can be able to carry a child in her womb to successful birth. It is medically confirmed that sterility is a fact that many couples are facing or in rare cases, women tend to avoid getting pregnant because of fear of losing body shape and what so ever. Others have dysfunctional womb due to medical condition that deter them from performing motherly duty for her child.

Nonetheless, we have those women who would do anything, as long the pay is right! Let us focus our minds on surrogacy business.

With the cost of living being the pain in asses of many families, some women are being paid to carry pregnancy for someone else child.

The couple would approach a woman who is ready for to rent her womb to take up the task of being surrogate mother. Then they would conduct a doctor who will transfer a fertilized egg to the recipient who would carry the baby until it is born then handed over the genetic parents.

Like any other business, the pay is good and women who do this business are slowly coming out to tell their stories and experiences.

Should the society condemn this business?

I guess it would be very unfair to condemn these surrogacy agreements and business part of it. It is not something very common in the society, but as medical technology is changing, so should we. I fact we have no right to claim anything from this practice as it does not involve third parties of any sort. It is a secret between the couple, the surrogate mother, and the doctor.

The only thing that we should be watchful about is human slavery, a business with involves buying and selling kids, and human trafficking. Avoiding dirty businesses in surrogacy agreements is the only way for people have their own biological kids even when their chances are so minimal in woman’s side.



Chasing A Debt!

chasing a debt

chasing a debt

What was he thinking about?

My mind is controlled by what is good for me. I care a lot about the gain than the pain of getting something. Not to mention that I am a guy who would go easy on debtors because I do not like spending much time and money in chasing something that is not at hand or unreachable.

That is me, however we have other people who would use any means possible to retrieve ‘peanuts’ from someone. Oops! here is the story,

There was a fight in my neighboring home when one person was accusing the host as fraudsters in a case of business gone bad.

According to the victim, his friend (host) promised to send him money through mobile phone money  transfer service upon reaching in Nairobi, but it has been a month since the they last saw each other and that the accused was playing a dirty game after the deal. So the guy had to travel a seven hours journey to Nairobi in order to be given the money.

The funny part of the story is, the guy had to use over two thousand shillings (Ksh2,000 or $25) to cover up bus fare and other expenses for the whole journey. It was interesting to know that the accused owed his only Five hundred shillings (Ksh500 or about $5)

I had to ask his if he had other business in Nairobi because I could not understand why he was ready to sacrifice that much for a small sum of money. Oops! Human brain sometimes makes me wonder how it works 😀 —  I wanted to understand the reason why he did it and what he was thinking before taking such a ‘foolish’ action.

He said that he feels bad if someone breaks the promise and that he can do anything possible to get what is truly his— even when it means more that what the debtor has.

Help me understand how this is possible!

As I said earlier in this article, I do not chase small amounts of money if I know I would spend more to get it. Do you?

Have Your Say #HYsay!





Oh, No! Son Dating His Father’s Secret Lover..

love in the air

love in air

She must have been the hottest woman on Earth! Okay, I do not mean ‘hot’ like burning hot or fierce enough to be categorized as such.., but the ‘beauty’ that has ever walked on our planet. What else could make a man and his son fall in love with one woman anyway?

The story revolves around a certain who was unfaithful with his wife. He had rented an apartment for his mistress where he used to visit her secretly to avoid trouble with his legally married wife.

This went on for sometime until the day his first born son told them -the man and his wife- that he was going to bring home someone who, in his words, ‘future wife’. The family was happy that at last, their son had made the right decision.

That day, he did not go to work. It was time to prepare for a guest’s arrival in their home, someone who was going to be the new member of their small family.

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At around noon, the son arrived accompanied by a familiar lady. The guy did not understand what was happening until the son introduced her to the family.

Names, physical appearance and everything about her were what he feared the most. How did this happen?

As a good pretender, he kept calm as a good father, but in his mind he was burning with rage. It was the longest time for him but the lady kept her calmness as if she did not know her secret lover.

It was time that the man and his lover were the only people in the house that he asked, “What were you thinking. How dare you cheat on me with my son?”

“Mmm! You don’t understand John. I’m just making everything easy for you. Don’t you see that you’ll not be  paying for my upkeep, rent and all expenses anymore?” She fired back.

He was like, “I know you’re crazy… but I had no idea that you are totally mad.” He sank back in his coach staring madly at her.

“Don’t be a fool… Your son is always out on business. The rules have changed, but the game remains. And by the way, I will be always around whenever you need me.”

That was it….

Another crazy stuff from the world that we call our home -Earth.

What do you think happened afterwards?