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Child Abuse, Ugandan Maid From Hell Torturing A Toddler

child tortured by the maid

child tortured by the maid

One thing that has kept me thinking for a while before putting my thoughts in writing how many kids suffer in silence in the hands of those people that parents trust the most -the maids or house helps.

One question to all parents out there, how well do you know your house-help? Without a doubt, we have good people, sent for heaven, who are mature enough and treats other people’s children well. Their professionalism is beyond doubt and they represent humanity in everything they do. However, we happen to trust them so much and sometimes they might turn into beasts without us being aware of it.

Like in a viral video from my neighboring country, Uganda. The house-help is seen beating up a two year old kid. Slapping her so hard as if the baby is a staffed animal. It was scene that usually happens in movies but it sad that the child went through all that in reality. The woman in the video was later arrested and now facing assault charges. Thanks to God that the toddler survived. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can represent yourself.  The biggest mistake you can make is appearing in front of the DMV or the Court without experienced counsel, especially if your case involves prior convictions or aggravating factors such as excessive speed, children in the vehicle, an accident, an injury (even minor injury), or an angry victim.  Don’t just accept a negative outcome. Go through https://www.myduihero.com/ for the best DUI attorney.

It is not clear why she chose punishment as the way of handling the the little girl. But the way she did it shows much hatred to the family and willingness to do more harm to the child than to care for the child the way she was supposed to do.

As a parent, I felt for the girl and pitied for the parents who let their daughters to go through such torture. Children have a right to live well on earth… the house-help broke a dozen rules by her evil act. Thanks to God that the law finally got her red-handed in the act.

To the parents,

You child is a precious gift from God. You should be there for it to grow knowing that you care and ready to defend it from all kinds of evil. Be careful when letting someone else take care of your child.

The maid from hell is just a tip of all evil happenings behind closed doors. Some would even kill or maim children and leave a dent in a the family forever. It is better to learn and accept your fate as a parent or be sorry when something goes way out of hand.

For video courtesy of @Zach …. Please visit this https://

Cultural Conservatives against Civilization, The Weak Suffers The Consequences

mode of dressing- culture and civilization

mode of dressing- culture and civilization

It is like a tag of war between cultural conservatives and civilized citizens in Kenya, who is gonna win? This is one thing that I am willing to go an extra mile to see the reality. But before that, the play ground is on for those interested in reality show. Men are on one side together with conservative female counterparts and on the other corner we have women who are determined to show too much skin on our streets, backed up  by the government, politicians and some male activities.

We live in 20th century where we have to respect human rights. However, this is the situation where we have a conflict in views about understanding each others boundaries. As women believe they have a right to wear what they want; however provocative it might be—- the other side is determined to strip naked any woman found in miniskirts or .

As this article goes online, three stripping incidents have been reported in the country. One just after hours after a demonstration to condemn sexual violence against women, held in Nairobis’s CBD. This shows the seriousness of conservatives and their call for decency in dressing.

Now you might be asking yourself one right question, where were the police when those people were harassing innocent women? It is the work of the police to maintain law and order in any given country. It is a serious issue if someone is attacked in broad day light and culprits scot-free. Does it mean we have no security in Kenya?

Now let’s come into our senses and make everything right! Our police officers are being attacked by organized crooks, terrorists are there plotting on harming Kenyans in large scale, and now we are forcing them to guard us on streets just because we wanna dress the way we want. Mmm! Your choice has consequences. You will cry alone when the heavens comes down on you.

Sometimes we have no choice but to face the reality. I am not advocating for undressing women in public, but I just want the targeted victims to be safer on the streets or else losers will always have something to laugh about.

The fight between cultural conservatives and civilization will only result into one thing; the weak will suffer the most. I guess you do not wanna be the next victim—

Women Who Can’t Take ‘NO’ For An Answer

no-68481_1280In the course of our mingling during our social life,it’s obvious to meet both new and already existing friends. And so it’s a routine to exchange contacts since our meeting does not end there since we can still make up for a cup of tea anytime there is free time.

But then there is something that have come up whereby some men felt that exchanging contacts with a lady that you have met for the first time may turn up to be a nightmare.They felt that there were women out there who will stalk you so as to give in to their demands.

Like for this scenario,this man went to a workshop in another town due to his administration post in the company that he was working in and then one day he went into a hotel to have a meal. He sat next to a lady and in a matter of seconds,he started a conversation and they talked for about an hour. By the end of it all,he had revealed most of the information about himself and even gave her his telephone number.

When he went back to his residential town,he had forgotten all about the lady until she one day gave him a call and they talked for sometime.But then she started calling him for a number of times in a day and that’s when he realized that this may not be okay.She started telling him that they should meet for some romance and telling her that he is a married man didn’t mean anything to her since she couldn’t stop calling him.

All hell broke loose when she one day called him and said that she was just near his work place and she had traveled all the way to see him. He lied that he was out in field work and would not be free until late in the evening.But then he had to take action and so changed his mobile phone number to keep her off.

Then this other man saw it fit to give a lift to as lady who was taking her child to school as they were walking and as the only occupant in his car,why not assist others.For the short time that they were together,they talked about many things.When the lady reached her destination,she insisted on having his mobile phone number which he did although he was not for the idea.But on the same day,the lady called him like ten times telling him that they should meet and get to know each other more and so he had to switch off his phone.

Maybe these are some ladies of a type and so it’s not okay to go on exchanging contacts with anyone because you never know their intentions.


Dressing, Woman Stripped Naked In Town

I have always thought that being decently dressed is judged by your own self and this is when you look yourself in the mirror and you are set for the day in your smart clothing.But then something that happened in town left me wondering whether it’s anybody’s business how you dress or what accessories you wear.

A lady was walking along a certain street in town when a group of men stripped her naked on grounds that she was indecently dressed.This was such a humiliation since her skirt was reduced to tatters but good Samaritans came to her rescue and offered something for her to cover herself. Show the world that you are red and white and blue through and through with our wide selection of conservative tees! T-shirts are the most convenient clothes you can wear to be in solidarity with a cause or to send a message about what you believe in. They are easy to customize, can be worn for every occasion, and are inexpensive. At Shield Republic, our goal is to make every patriot shine and be proud of their views. Patriotic tees can feature anything, from the bold print of the Conservative Party’s colors to the symbols of our great nation, words by our founding fathers to the colors of our flag. You can stand out as a proud conservative and patriot by wearing military-themed tees and Independence Day patriotic shirts. You’ll never go wrong with a cleverly crafted message printed on a patriotic tee. Spread the pro-America message with your very own custom print or ready-made conservative party shirts! You can get more information about  APPAREL through this site shieldrepublic.com.

This incident was greatly condemned and even went viral in the social media with even those men being referred to as ‘fork-jembes’. The last time such a nasty incident happened was during the reign of outlawed sects that were manned by gangs of unemployed youth.

Many of those who aired their views felt that there is no one who has the right to define anybody’s dressing as decent or indecent. The reason being overstepping your mandate because there is no contribution that you’ve made in purchasing the clothing. They also felt that we are in the era of dynamism in terms of fashion so it’s okay to keep up the pace with whatever is in the market. This is because fashion is what matters but being judged by your choice of fashion is not okay, in my case, I opt to wear my favorite jewelry pieces.

But those who were supporting the incident mostly men said that women were going out of their way dressing in a manner exposing most of their body parts.So they felt that she deserved that and it was also a lesson to many other women out there.

After all was said and done,there is a group of women who have planned a peaceful demonstration in full solidarity of the woman who was forcefully undressed.

Bees, Amazing Insects On Earth

bee in action

bee in action

I sat there near the beehive listening to unending buzzing of bees. They seemed not to care about anything or anyone nosing in their business. What they cared for was the fact that no one was disturbing them, hence no threat.

As I kept on thinking about how to steal some honey from the nest, so did they started being somehow rough and dangerously coming down near my head. I wondered how they knew my motive… anyway, I saw forced to flee from danger. Do these small insects have the prediction powers; can they really foresee danger before it happens? This led me to go on the internet to find some answers.

After my research on bees and their behaviors before a natural occurrence, I have learnt that these small insect are capable of predicting dangers; be it natural or environmental situations….

In earthquake prone regions worldwide, studies have confirmed that bees behave rather oddly before that natural happening and in some countries; bees evacuate danger zones before earthquake cause devastation in the area. I just wonder how!

In Japan for example, some Seismologist observe the behaviors of different animals before raising a red flag of an impending earthquake.

Of course, everything has been done to ascertain the connection, but still there is no direct link as how they sense danger, but it might be because of changes in gases in air or vibration that are detected by animals before they are picked by seismic tools.

Bees are known for their intelligent choices in choosing where to build their nests. No wonder, one can build a beehive but they do not pick it as a home until that favorable moment –or even forever, they will not.

Did you know that bees are the only animals that are always willing to die trying to defend their home from external aggression? Imagine using your primary weapon while knowing you will die at the end of the fight! That is what they do. If they sting an enemy, they do not return in the beehive. They die just like that.

How amazing bees are!