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Crazy News – Page 2 – Waflay Post
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Is this really normal?

A few days ago, there was an uproar after Kenyans reacted in the social media after the so publicized in house party branded ’ Project X’ which seemed nobody knew the organizers or the even the venue.

But for most young people, could not understand how this was shocking yet to them it’s very normal. So one wonders whether this is naivety on the part of the society that is too busy to know what is done in closed doors.

But then this is about morals and then who said loose morals is part of a damned acceptable way of life?

But then this is all shocking and more shocking that this has been going on for quite some time and really shocking for it to happen even in high school. Boys going into a girl’s dormitory and vice versa is something that has been happening and is still happening and they will also tell you that this is normal.

I heard this young man who confirmed that he experienced these rule-less gatherings while in high schools and with both boys and girls a lot transpired. He went on and said that they drank alcohol, took drugs and even became intimate and they felt free to play this game of intimacy with one another and even with everyone.

But looking at this ‘Project X’ it was already taking the path of a business venture bearing in mind that there were advance tickets that were up for sale and even those who missed these could still go for the gate tickets. Then there were also special tickets for the VIPs and in particular these tickets only differed in the cost with the advance tickets being the cheapest.

So all this is normal for these young people who think this is only enjoying life to the fullest but this is rotten.

Why Immorality is Part of Life in Kenya

Lets look at the society this way, we like seeing those bootylicious bodies of socialites. Yes! We like seeing photoes of nude celebrities circulate online and we do download them in our smart devices, just to make sure they are easily available when we have that animal desire to see them.

The sad reality is that, these socialites do not have anything to offer other than to cash in on our stupidity. Their lifstyle is all about teaching youth minds about immorality. Show them that there is nothing bad about posing nude for camera.

The main reason why we have sex  parties in this country is because nowadays, people have lost that thing called Morality. To them, having freedom to do what they want, whenever they want is the only way to live life to the maximum.

To the majority of youths, the best role models are the likes of Vera Sindika and Huddah Monroe. Oops! Nudity and bootyliciousness defines who they are and age is there worst worry.

Okay, when someone worries about beauty more than anythings else, then something is very wrong! Vera Sindika saw here market going down so fast that she bleached her skin to look hotter than her rivals.

Oh!  The society is to blame for such happenings!

Nope! We lost it when we embraced the immorals to lead the way into the future of Kenyan youths. We forgot about good role models like Caroline Mutoko and Juile Gichuru— they do not show too much skin even when they are celebrities.

What really happened?

Nothing really happened other than our ways of thinking. We like cheap, immoral things much more than moral values in our society. The time we allowed the nudes to take over our media industry, we allowed our youths to engage in Project X—- doing crazy things for the sake of seeking for self worthiness.

Kenyans Go Mad About Project ‘X’ Sex Party

A little known evil has been happening as the society looks on. People wonder why our youths are no longer dependable as far a tomorrows national building is concerned, but here it the main reason why we have lost this generation because we do not have time for them anyway!

There is a party that is bound to happen on 12 March in Kileleshwa, one of the Nairobi’s leafy suburbs, that has drawn mixed reaction from the public.

The party, dubbed, Project X is slated to happen this Saturday by no one knows where the venue is.  The mode of communication is ‘Tell a friend to tell a friend’. Those interested are supposed to pay Kh500 advance or pay Ksh1000 at the gate. As expected, ‘No one will go home a virgin.’

The police have already banned the so called ‘No Rules’ party saying they would not allow immoral people to cash in in our youths. And have launched an investigation against the people behind Project X and have promised to crackdown such parties in the country.

Today this morning, in one radio show, the presenter asked the public how they feel and think about Project X

Amazingly, the youths who are in college, universities and those in High schools in Nairobi do this almost everyday.

There are those who said that Project X is just a tip of the ugly society that youths are fond of. It is not a wonder why people, especially, employers have been complaining about lack of proper education in Kenyan Universities. And that Kenyan Universities are producing half-baked graduates.

Apparently, university students have all the time they need to go out in wild parties but they never step in class.

According to one student, these youths who engage in such lifestyles rarely attend classes and the only mode of doing exams is copying directly from the books.

Should we blame parents for all these?

Majority of people who participated in that radio show said that parents do not even know if nudity parties are part of life in higher learning institutions.

The society is to carry the cost of wayward youths who now pose a threat to smooth running of Kenya in future.

Karma, Do You Believe in Her?

What goes around comes around… Karma as they put it. Do you believe in this? Well, if you ask me, I do! And this is why,

I know of a person who refused to send back the money that was accidentally credited in his Mpesa account. Apparently, the money was meant for settling a hospital bill, but because the sender was in a hurry he dialed a wrong number and the money was delivered to unintended person.

Barely a month, the person was involved in an accident and was admitted in hospital. The person who was sent to withdraw the money from the bank transferred every single penny to another bank account and went missing. Later, his family conducted a fund-raising from well wishers to settle the bills.

Yep! I believe karma did it…,

In another story, there was a man who barred physically disabled persons from attending his wedding. Maybe he was looking fro perfection of everything or maybe he was just a naughty guy who did not want to get associated with disabled people.

Just a year after, his first child was born with disability. The baby was born blind. He used a lot of money to reverse the condition but all the effort went dry.

The second born for that family too had disability. The third born was born a normal child but later in his early life, polio virus did the worst and the boy lost his legs.

The man accepted the lessons of life and swore never to do evil again..

Well, about three days ago someone sent me the money into my Mpesa account. I was in need of money but I had to call the mobile phone number to verify if the person really wanted to send me money. To my surprise, she told me that it was an accident and that the money was meant for someone else. To ld her to call Mpesa hotline 234 and tell the customer reps to reverse the money. But she declined, instead she told me to take 25 percent of it and return the rest. Oops! That was a cheat on karma…

In don’t like taking what is not truly mine. I hate it when karma plays tit for tat.


Stuck In The Act: The Bitterness Of A Stolen Apple

when love game goes beyond imagination..

when love game goes beyond imagination..( twitter image)

A while back, there were only rumors that he was outsourcing love from someone else’s wife. Oops! Majority of people termed it as malicious rumors to undermine a man whose contacts in the society were beyond par.

The other day, he was busted, redhanded in the act, but he did nothing to run away or apologize about his freelance love services to the victim.

Instead, he pleaded with the guy to let let him go. Do you know the reason why? You can’t guess what really happened. But to make it simple for you to understand, the two were stuck in the act.

The two were paraded to the shame of the public…. Oops! Even the kids in the village enjoyed the free fro all show.

Apparently, the man who was being victimized for the freelance love went and sought for a ‘Kamuti’ (black magic) from a notorious herbalist who gave him a secret concoction that later made it possible for lovers to get stuck.

However, doctors have another way of putting it. According to a medical physician, this condition is known a penis captivus and occurs when vaginal muscles clump down on a man’s penis, making it impossible to withdraw ( according to wikipedia explanation).

It it rare to occur but can happen to anyone during that love session…

The people in the story were so helpless that they sought for an easy way out from a pastor who prayed before separating the freelancers.

The man whose good reputations were way beyond expectations could not hide his face anymore.

Rumors has it that he now a saved fellow and a new church member in one of the local churches in the community. But of course, everyone knows why he had to change his ways of life and double standards.