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Crazy News – Waflay Post
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Why She Decided To Marry Her Pet Dog

jools_sh / Pixabay girl and her pet dog

The recent wedding in a certain village, somewhere in Southern part of Africa, hit airwaves in a negative tone.

Apparently, this woman—a thirty something year old— walked down the isle in a church wedding but her husband to be was not a two legged being, but a four legged animal— the dog.

The shocking wedding was officiated by the controversial Man of God who in the past shocked many by doing something silly that left the whole country talking in hush hush tones. The recent wedding will only add a further doubt in his claims to be the chosen one in the village.

Going back to the lady in question, according to her… she has never known the meaning of a family and her dog has always been there for her, she has always made sure to take care of him just the way he deserves

And a man in is nothing but a noun in the English language. She said,

I grew up with a single mother because my biological father was an irresponsible parent. He could not take his responsibilities, forcing my mum to do her duty and his duties too. This is to say, my mum did everything she could to make sure the family was whole… I’m not ready to take the same route in life. That is why I chose my pet over men out there.”  

Well, the reason for going to her dog as her companion is the fact that,

  • The Dog understands her emotional feelings much better.
  • The dog will not pester her with questions about her privacy.
  • She is gonna be more independent on her own.
  • The dog  is the man’s best friend hence it won’t hurt her in anyway…
In her parting shot, she told the nosy lot that,

”You say , all men are dogs, then why bother if I find myself a real dog for a husband…?

Oops! That was so rude…. But we wish her all the best in life.

Did prayers help SIX Kenyans who were facing crimes against humanity at The Hague?

waldryano / Pixabay Prayers in times of need

I believe many of you would say, yes! And equally many of you would say, nope! Now it is time to have a say how prayers did a wonderful things that resulted into the acquittal of all six Kenyans from the chains of an International Criminal Court (ICC).

This is how it went down,

Kenyans knows that their deputy president is a man who loves God so much that his tears are almost in constant motion whenever he feels an angel touching his head. He was the first person to visit the ICC at The Hague, Holland and came back as a hero. If Kenyans can remember that day very well, then they do still remember his words upon touching down from the plane. Mr Ruto said, “God who stays in heaven will never let the innocent person suffer… I believe he will show us the light, and we will follow it until the end.”

That was beautiful and powerful statement that Kenyans never understood then, but as time went by things became much clear.

The first four accused fellows were exonerated from blame since the prosecution failed to produce evidence to confirm that any of them were part of the financial team that funded the killings witnessed in 2007/2008.

That was great because this paved way for the last two to have a say that later confirmed that, them too, did not have a case to answer.

How prayers helped the six….

Although there is no verse in the Bible that says, “God helps those who help themselves.” Majority of us believe that God is there to add a little help to those who are already struggling to be free. Indeed, it happened in Kenya during those days. How?

According to the ICC prosecutor, ICC witnesses faced the worst challenges and never should any witness face such grave challenges in future.

She said that, many witnesses were forced, either by bribe or by death, to change their earlier statements. It also appeared that those who were the key witnesses were either denied a chance to speak out or were killed before the beginning of the trials.

Well, if you think prayers did not work then think again… The six are free, two of them are our leaders (leaders are chosen by God)… what do you think about this?

False Prophet Cause Harm On Family Ties

The Bible talks of the rise false prophets in time when Jesus is about to descend from Heavens for his reign on Earth, what it does not say is the year and real time when this will happen.

Recently, a family was evicted from their ancestral home after their relatives accused them of indulging themselves with devil worship.

According to their say, the jealous relatives were mad when the family started running a small shop in the nearby shopping center.

It was then that they enquired for more information from a prophet who spilt venom in the family’s ways of life.

From then, the relatives started hitting on this family for almost everything that was happening in the whole community.

At one time, the man’s brother came into the homestead in readiness to kill because he believed that his brother and his wife were devil worshippers—- the issue of human sacrifice seemed to be the cause of all fear and anger.

According to his story, the father of two said that he almost lost his wife because his people believed that his wife introduced him to  illuminati.

Then he said that one day, the extended families broke into his shop and took the family album as they thought that he and his wife had taken the family pictures to a secret society for sacrificial purposes.

To them, the prophet was right in all aspects. Their brother and his family were villains in the society and they should be eliminated.

Fearing for their life, the family ran for safety in the in-laws place. However, this only made things worse because threats followed them all the way.

The family was forced to relocate to another place, far away from the beastly men and women— their relatives.

They have been living in fear because they still receive threatening messages on their mobile phones.

This is just one story where a false prophet has broken the family bond. These people are there, and in most cases they only say things that you want to hear.

The Bible admonishes Christians to stay away from such people. I hope people will take extra care when in presence of a false prophet of prophet of doom!


There is swahili saying that goes ‘Hasira hasara’ and interpreting it further meaning anger accompanies itself with destruction or a loss. We all get angry but what matters is to what extent or whether you have allowed it to consume the better part of us. Anger is an emotion that requires anyone to control himself or herself before it can lead to something undesirable. Anger makes people to end up fighting and especially if those involved feel they are meant to really carry the day.

I remember a time when I was very angry that I was putting sugar in my food instead of some salt only to realizing after cooling down a bit .I think anger just makes one forget what sanity is and just makes one to react in a reckless manner.

We have heard incidents where some parents have gone ahead to severely beat up their children of seriously injuring them yet in the name of just punishing them for the wrong done. But what happens is a parent will absent mindedly beat up a child only to realize when it’s too late that they have caused them physical harm. So such a parent will end up incurring other unplanned expenses to take the child to the hospital for medical check-up all because of allowing inner saturation in anger.

As human beings it can be a lie to say that we can live without getting angry because as long as we are mingling with one another then getting angry at times is definitely possible. So we ought to be cautious not to allow anger to define our course of actions. Let’s be critical thinkers even when angry because if you stop even for a second, you surely get a sane way forward. Let’s not make rush decisions in anger because whatever follows is not something that we would have desired to get or have.

Nope! I Didn’t Drop My Balls…

I was walking on the street of Nairobi when she called me to attention and told me that I have just dropped my balls, and then she burst up laughing. I felt them moving securely in my trousers and oops! I thought she was just a naughty girl trying to get my attention.

Her words kept popping up in my mind,

Hey, you just dropped your balls…” and a laughter that followed.

When I reached home, I put down the polythene bag that I had carried the whole through, intact were a few things I had bought from one of Nairobi town’s supermarkets.

Well, I went straight for my favorite cupcakes. I did only reach for one and the two were missing. I turned the paper upside down but still, blankness mocked me for my ignorance.

That was when I realized what she was trying to tell. The balls happened to be my cupcakes and her laughter was just a confirmation that she was actually laughing at my naivety to understand much better.

What was she thinking?

Actually I have never known why she had to choose those words when addressing something else. In my guess, she knew that I would think of something else before going for what she really meant.

I was like, how could she? But I remembered that there was nothing I could have done about the dropped cupcakes other than to go buy a pair again.

From then, I learned that not everyone chooses his or her words carefully when passing some information to an indented party.

Lack of communication is always costly but only a few people on this world would be able to communicate well with others.

One thing for sure, I never understood why she used vulgar language on something so different. I still remember hers face, someday I would get right answers from her.