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Business – Waflay Post
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Getting a loan and for what purpose

It always happen that we may be faced with situations where we do not have enough money to do something that we may want to accomplish. So one can decide to borrow a loan from a bank or any financial institution. But even when one is taking a loan, one should always remember that it is payable with an interest.

Paying back a loan if well managed is easy but to some extent, it depends on what you did with the loan that you took. Let’s say that the loan was used on consumption on may be paying school fees or for paying dowry this is definitely negative cash flow because there are no monetary gains. However, if the loan was for investment purposes, this attracts positive cash flow because you will be getting cash from theses commitments.

Nevertheless, taking a loan is one thing and paying back is another whereby you may be faced with challenges that may make you to be unable to pay back a loan. When some people are unable to pay a loan, some go to file injunctions to stop the lender bank from following up the repayment for some time while others go to other financial institutions like a microfinance get a loan again in order to repay the other loan. But in these both cases, it is wrong to do this. So instead of filing an injunction, it’s good to use this money to pay up an installment of the loan.

For one to be unable to repay a loan can be due to genuine reasons like not being paid the monthly salary or you have not yet been paid by those whom you have sold to your products. But before giving up to not being able to repay the loan, you should consider reducing expenses. May be you can decide to move to a less expensive residential house or you can cease using your personal car and use the public transport. One can also sell idle assts like incase you have two cars selling one can be the better option.

Then something else, one can also approach the bank to try to consult on what to do for being unable to start repaying a loan. For instant, the bank can decide to extend the loan period may be five to seven years meaning the installments are reduced. The bank can also go for moratorium due to deaths, a business being burnt down or even due to sickness. This means that one is given a breathing space to be able to reorganize by being relieved may be for six months not to pay or even having interest reduced.

From UAE With Love! Positive Experience From Saudi Arabia

For quite some time now the mention of Middle East brings one thing in mind and that is suffering. This is a place that has of late been getting a lot of publicity after most Kenyans who had sought employment in this region especially Saudi Arabia had all sorts of bad things of what they have gone through and particularly under cruel employers.

It took the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign affairs by banning recruitment of those jobs for sometime as they sought to solve issues with the concerned agents.

But about a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a lady who had worked for sometime in Saudi Arabia and different from what we have always heard, hers was a positive experience.

According to this lady, she was introduced to this job in a bureau by her mother to a friend who asked her if she was interested in working outside country.

Though when the opportunity came that a job had finally been found, she didn’t hesitate in accepting the offer even though there were complains that lots of Kenyans are being mistreated in these Arab countries.

After getting all the requirements for travelling, she left the country together with three other ladies and on reaching the destination, they were taken to a room where there were other girls waiting to be taken by their employers.

For her case, she was taken to a home with six occupants (the parents and their four children).For the first few days, she was supposed to work from 5A.M to 10 P.M at night so as the employer to get a review of how one is able to cope up with work around the home.

She went on and said that once one is used with the daily schedule, the employer becomes less strict because you already know what to do and how.

According to this lady, she was paid monthly but at times her employer could even assist her to send some cash to her family back at home.

Smoke it Away From The Neighborhood

English: Close up shot of some high quality ma...

Close up shot of some high quality marijuana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While he does this lucrative business in the neighborhood, he admonishes his customers to use his stuff away from this neighborhood.

Yesterday, he told his customers not to light up while in the neighborhood because he wants them to use them responsibly.

He says he sells these controlled substances because we wants to earn a living just like any other businessperson but he is there to control how the stuff should be used.

He further said that he want to discourage new marijuana smokers to quit using this drugs because it slowly destroys lives.

Bhang is popular in the neighborhood that you will find more smokers using this plant product than cigarettes—tobacco product.

While the government is reluctant to crackdown illegal usage bhang, business people have a huge market and they are so daring to sell them to anyone at any time.

The police too find it the most easy was of getting cash from sellers since they paid to keep off and let the thriving business deliver to the buyers— addicts.

Users who are mostly youths seems to encourage one another by taking chances with this illegal substances. Recently, youngsters are abusing bhang, and children as young as 12 have been found with rolls of marijuana.

So as this man sells and discourages the users from smoking them in the neighborhood, it leaves one wondering why he keeps selling them if he truly wants to discourage the usage.

To others, it is all about business and a good business person should focus more on making profit other than to mind about human health and the repercussion of his or her business to the general population.

The man has plans to get rid of this habit, but still has to look for better means of terminating his lucrative business. He said that if by God’s will, he will start a rehab center in the neighborhood for those who wants to quit smoking marijuana

Oops! It Was A Wrong Number

Just a few days ago, I came back from my evening walk only to find a missed call from a number unknown to me. But then going by the fact that a lot of other things follow after calls from anonymous persons, I did not bother to call back. So after sometime I actually got a call from the same number and on picking it up, the unknown caller on the other end mumbled something I could not comprehend.

So the caller was a man and I used the ‘Kiswahili’ language telling him that we are not communicating because he is using a language that I did not understand. The caller thus switched to ‘Swahili’ and asked me if I was ‘Edward’ and according to him, he had business with the owner of the number which in this case was mine. I told him that I was not Edward but he quickly asked me if the number was really mine since he was given the number by the’ Edward’ for contacting him later so that they could furnish the business idea together. But I told him that maybe he had my number due to an error of one digit but he read my number aloud to confirm that he was really having my number as that of the aspiring business partner.

He still could not believe that he was talking to the wrong recipient and confirmed my number for three more times until he realized that he may have been dubbed by the other guy. I didn’t get to know what the two had discussed in order to attract for later follow ups but I could notice the uneasiness in his voice as he apologized and then hang up.

Advances in technology have its ups and downs but we ought to be careful when dealing with strangers since the society has all sorts of gangs and you never know what it in store for getting involved in doubtful deals.

Smart but foolish conman

Just the previous day in the afternoon, I was in my mobile  shop as usual hoping to make something commendable from my sales.

Then this middle aged man stinking of liquor came to my shop, first enquired if I had Safaricom airtime, armed with a positive answer since I also deal with mobile phone airtime cards, the man asked for a Kshs20 airtime. The man then he took out a Kshs200 note from his pocket and I handed him the change.

Even if he was drunk, he thanked me but he stood there looking at the change then demanded that I give him the right amount. Since I was sure that I had given him the right amount, I told him that his Kshs180 was what I had given him. For his change there were a Ksh100 and Ksh50 notes and two coins; one for Ksh20 and the other Ksh10.It dawned on me that he had switched the Ksh20 coin with a Ksh1 coin (one bob).

But let me guess he was not a lucky guy because I had noted that after giving him the change, he had first moved aside and that was when he did the action of fishy switching of the coins. However this was not the first time I was experiencing such a conman but I have always heard people accounting incidents of such cons.

I decided that he was not going to have things his way and told him am well aware of his stupid idea and told him there was no I would have confused a Ksh20 coin with a bob because I don’t mix the two in any way.

Now my temper was rising and I even decide to raise my voice as I put my point across to this drunkard and when he realized that passersby were being attracted by my voice, he quickly left and disappeared. But he had done his Mathematics since had I agreed to his trick, I would have given him the airtime for free but oh unto him for thinking that he was smart but in the real sense, he was foolish.