Accidental Killing Of a Loved One

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So one day in the morning, she started hurling insults at him before his children and  the neighbors. So he opted not to answer back and instead took his children and accompanied them to school.

He came back home that evening and when she offered to serve him some tea; he declined and instead asked to know why she had abused him that morning. Instead of giving him an answer, she quickly grabbed his hand and bit him and as he tried to free himself, she lost balance and fell down.

He at first thought that she was pretending though after lifting her, he noted that she was not conscious. He rushed to a neighbor who offered a vehicle which they used to take her to hospital where he was told the worst news that she was already dead.

Since he was accompanied by two of his neighbors, they were asked to go to the police to report the matter. But then he was arrested in the remand awaiting trial of the case. He said that he had to stay in jail for a period of five years after his wife’s family insisted in matters of the life of their own, there is no way that they were ever going to forgive him.

So now he was aiming to ask for forgiveness from his in-laws and his children whom he said that he has not been there for them for a period of five years.

He regretted that had he known that his actions could lead to the death of his wife, he would instead have left his home in peace no matter how wrong it was for her to have abused him for nothing. But then this is a representation of hard times that some families are experiencing.

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