80 KDF Families Affected After Terror Attack On Military Camp, Government Confirms

The number of KDF soldiers who died during the recent terror attack on their camp in Somalia is still unknown, as the government go hush hush about it all.

According to the secretary to the internal security docate, Joseph Nkaissery, the attackers suffered a lot during that Friday morning attack. In addition, al-shabaab Islamists carried out that deadly attack were all killed in action.

The ministry of defense said that the real figure will be made public only after the affected families have been notified.

According CS, Raychelle Omamo, 80 KDF families were affected and that plans are underway to hunt down al-shabaab fighters from their hideout in Somalia and in Kenya and have promised to eradicate terror in both countries. She said that every the islamists will pay for every Kenyan’s blood through terrorism activities in Kenya.

But people are asking, why should the security forces wait to be attacked before launching a counter attack against killers?

It has been a tale that remains unconfirmed if it is true that KDF are in Somalia for the sake Kenya’s security. Our men in uniforms seem to be playing a game that us—civilians, are not sure of. It has been years since KDF crossed into Somalia to fight terrorists that were suspected of kidnapping tourists in Kenya, especially in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

It has happened before and it will happen again!  Kenya Army will launch air strikes against al-shabaab insurgents strongholds in move to destroy active terror cells along the border.

The insurgents were forced to leave the Somalia port, Kismayu when the Kenyan forces landed and took control of the port city about three years ago.

The president said that this will not make Kenya to leave its mission in Somalia. Furthermore, he declared that this war has just taken another turn that will ensure that terrorists are no longer a menace in the country.

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