NCPB Scandal, Kenyans Are To Blame!

It is another tale, another logic that has left Kenyans wordless and another reminder for us to do something. This is as if we haven’t been trying to make Kenya a corruption-free country. 

CORRUPTION (picture by pixabay

I say, this is another tale but for sure it is just another day in time that a big scandal has been divulged and the vise just went a notch higher.

Why? The only reason is the fact that we never do something about it and we never shy away from corrupt individuals. In fact, we award such people with a political post. That is just how merciful we are.

Kenya is being munched! The people just don’t care as long as they live another day and the wheel of life keeps on covering time in days, months and years. What they don’t realize is that they are not making any big difference.

In terms of development, Kenyans are known to be hard workers. They don’t complain much and are willing to do anything they can to make the ends meet. However, the few individuals who should be safeguarding the Kenyan resources are the same hyenas who are making people’s lives much harder.

The recent NCPB scandal that saw Kenya losing a Billion Shillings is just another test to see how Kenyans react to missing cash. Of course, the perpetrators will walk scot-free and the money will never be traced further. No cent will be recovered.

Oh yes! The president will talk tough, maybe assign a few corrupt individuals to look into the matter and puff… they will snatch the darkest smock and come out smiling with nothing to show. Raila Odinga will speak in sayings and end up quiet like any other powerless Kenyan. And the deputy president will talk tough, like how he does best, and the wheel of blame will continue rolling on and on.

What shame! Kenya continues to lose public resources to a few individuals. Corruption still tastes like a bitter pill on our

tongues. Yet, we sings praises to those individuals when they come seeking for our sweet lots. Of course, we hide them good in big public offices, clean their names, and defend them to the bitter end— even when it means losing our lives. Damn! That’s is how Kenyans show their generosity to those not deserving it.

Just heartbreaking to see people suffering, Kenyans losing their lives in something preventable like hunger and famine. We have the necessary resources to make Kenya a stable economy. We only fail to make it right because we assign wrong people to do right decision on our behalf. We invest in corrupt individuals whose only motive is to swindle public resources and enrich themselves. At the long run, we end up experiencing economic backlash.

Until when? This should be our turning point. We should learn to ask hard questions and shun those people who make our lives much harder. We can avoid situations that undermine our wellbeing by being smart in our political decisions. It is is not hard to change. It is just one way to minimize chances of being used as a shield in wrong ways. Kenya is a good country, a rich one, and can easily sustain each one of us if all public resources are managed with genuine motives.

Are you tired of all that is happening in the country? If you are… then, it is only you who can make things right.

Does Your little Girl Deserve a Communal (public) Beating Just Because She Has a Boyfriend?

violence against children

Children’s rights are infringed each time a child undergoes corporal punishment, be it, from the parents, teachers or any other person out there.

In this generation, we have to adhere to the laws. However, human rights should not be sidelined. And this is also applicable even in times of war.

Kenyan law is very clear about children’s rights. In fact, corporal punishment was abolished in schools in Kenya and so far, those who are found to have committed the offense have paid dearly for their mistakes.

It is so heartbreaking then to see a girl child undergoing torture. The main reason being, she is spending too much time with her boyfriend.

Well, the parents argue that she should be studying instead of running around with boys.

The ugly truth is,

When the mother found out what was happening behind her back, she decided to dispel the kid from her house at 9 in the evening. That was the first mistake!

Of course, the 14-year-old girl had nowhere to go except to her boyfriend’s house where she spent a night.

The next day, the worrying mother went around looking for her daughter.

With tips and clues from her spies, she landed to the door, the only barrier between her and the hiding daughter.

With her two accomplices, they forced entry into the house and found the girl.

It took the neighbors’ effort to calm her down and let the daughter go. However, the trouble did not end there.

Another mistake followed sooner than later,

According to another story, which I cannot verify, the mother dropped her daughter in the hands of strangers who humiliated her for hours. They beat her up saying she was being punished for being a bad example for young girls around there.

Taking matters into her hands, the 14-year-old took the first chance and disappeared from home.

Worried about her whereabouts, the mother thought went around asking for information about the missing girl.

With slim chances, she decided to contact the girl’s boyfriend.

Oops! He refused to talk about it.

A few days later, the girl returned back home.

Where was she?

Why did she decide to end up in the hostile house?

And who, besides the known boyfriend, could host the runaway girl for all those days?


Inflicting pain to your child, does it have a positive impact to your child’s behaviors?

Well, you may have your say!

The Gift Of Happiness

what makes you happy?

At what moment do you feel the true meaning of the gift of life?  There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

While we seek for these reasons, first we ought to understand what the gift is and what it does in human life in order to have a title, gift of life and happiness.

It is obvious that people only feel gifted when they are able to do something and be proud of the outcome.

This means it is hard to hear anyone say something positive in their life if nothing worth is part of the outcome.

This gift can be anything; something that brings happiness.

There are those who feel so happy when they have received something from someone or through an act of fortune.

On the other hand, we have those who feel great when they lend out something to those who need it the most… in fact, they would give it away and never look back.

Being a philanthropist is a journey that starts at birth and ends at never. No other way!

Those who like giving things away were born to be that way, and extending a hand to a needy is the only thing that makes them happy.

Such people are not rare; in fact, we have those who would give out their personal possessions until they have nothing else to give away.

Those gifted to make the world a happy place,

The funny guys!

The gift of happiness may lack at a certain place; blame the sorrowful nature of our world.

However, in that gloomy environment, we never miss someone who would leave us laughing into stitches by simple words, simple acts or both.

These people find happiness when they make other people smile, if not laugh.

We can say they are gifted to bring liveliness in a quiet environment.

Now, what makes you happy… what gifted world do you stay in?



Palm Reading In Medical Field

Does your hand hold the whole information about your body? In that day palm readers would look in your hand and say much about you, your life and your future. That was then and most of us did not give them much attention because of some reasons. But here we are. In the 21st century but still looking in our hands to see what lies behind our smooth fleshy skin. You need only sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services. Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, or hospitalizations prescribed by our offices, visit here for more information. And scientist too believes that your hand holds all the information about your body.

Palm reading machines are out there for those interested in undergoing health medical diagnostics without test tubes and specimen collection. The procedure is more like troubleshooting an electronic object, with an indicator showing the flow or continuity and some other stuff that only the qualified person would use and give information effectively.

Recently, scientists concluded that a palm is a vital organ when it comes to health matters of any human being. For example,

The hurting hand might indicate that something is not right in your body. In most cases, arthritis affects the most important joints before spreading to other parts of the body.

When your hand starts to swell for no apparent reason, then it might indicate that a certain ailment is taking over your most important body part. Like the case of cancer malady that attacks any body part excluding nails and hair. It might also tell that you might need a surgery like a knee surgery or a arm surgery. I recommend getting knee surgery from a knee pain doctor in green bay because they don’t cost that much and they are really great on what they do and they are known for they services.

Personally, I had a date with a palm reader. My stomach was so nasty to me. I had to seek for medical answers but nothing really came up. In fact the only blow I got was a ban on some foods that I used to enjoy. But after a while, nothing changed because the aching part of it did not go down or stop. I switched back to my normal easting ways because I saw no need of worrying about selective feeding mechanism. Anyway, I went to this guy to read my palm and yes! He identified that the only problem I was having was stomachache associated with my stress level. I was given some medics and it worked.

Sinusitis, or the infection of sinuses (little air pockets in your face and head liable for drainage of mucus secretions), comes with tons of discomforts, like headaches, tooth pains, ear pains, bad breath and post nasal drip, or mucus secretions from the nose sliding to the rear of the throat, causing gagging and vomiting. one among the harder issues to manage is sinus dizziness, or a sense of severe light-headedness causing an impediment in one’s daily activities like working, driving, and even walking.

How is dizziness related to sinus problems?

One first must understand that sinus problems, usually sinusitis and blocked sinuses, cause a drag with how the pressure within the top is balanced. Feelings of physical unsteadiness, imbalance and lightheadedness can occur when one has sinus infection because the atmospheric pressure within the head isn’t balanced correctly thanks to blocked or inflamed sinuses. Also, other discomforts like headaches, orbit pain, and jaw and teeth pain also can cause dizziness.

Another reason one may feel dizzy with sinus problems is that the possible lack of enough oxygen getting into the body. When congestion occurs, one cannot breathe effectively, thus he or she may hyperventilate as a result. this will cause dizziness or light – headedness. Besides the uneasiness and fatigue caused by sinus and cold problems is enough to form one feel light-headed indeed.

What do to about sinus dizziness?

The first thing to think about is your safety. Dizziness may be a relatively difficult discomfort, and while others may tolerate it well, others might not . When one feels dizzy, he or she may feel as if the environment is rotating, so there’s no real perception of one’s surroundings. you’ll find it difficult to steer , consider your computer or maybe do simple things like chopping vegetables or reading the mail. due to this, you want to take day off to rest well. Never ever plan to drive when you are feeling dizzy as you’ll only encounter an accident or may find the deed even tougher to try to to .

Then, you want to see a dizziness doctor. Your doctor prescribes medications which are symptomatic – this suggests they’re going to relieve your symptoms as they occur. If dizziness wasn’t a drag before, your doctor might not have considered it as a part of your treatment plan. If you return to your health provider and report dizziness, your doctor or nurse will recommend medications which are meant to alleviate your light-headedness.

Speaking of symptomatic treatment, if you’re certain that our dizziness is caused by your sinus problems, then target the infection first. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic which you want to absorb order to kill any bacteria which is causing the matter . confirm you retain your passages drained and unblocked and your mucus secretions thin by increasing your intake of oral fluids and by irrigating or gently flushing with a Neti pot crammed with warm salt water. Lastly, increase your intake of zinc and vitamin C .

Well, palm reading is very effective. And your palm is an organ that speaks about almost everything about your body health. Live healthy.

Who Is Gonna Be The Next Kenyan President?

The shape Kenyan politics is already whole. For people who have not yet decided on where to cast their vote, then I guess it will not matter that much because the race is almost complete. Or should we say we do not need elections at all? This is because there will not be changes in the current leadership. Kenyans will only cast their lots because it is constitutional to head for elections after a period of time, but nothing big will happen as the current leaders will only be confirmed as the most favorite for Kenyans.

There have been major corruption allegations in the country. The people of Kenya showed how tired they are because monies are lost into the thinnest air as the head of state and government watches on. The president did almost nothing to make things right for the people of Kenya, but still when it comes to presidential elections people seems to forget competence aspects in someone as they go for those who will give a lot of money, those working in tribal lines and those who seems more promising for goodies.

In the recently concluded voters registration exercise, the strong holds of Jubilee ruling alliance came at the top with CORD’s strongholds coming second. This is clear that the determinant third alliance will only show the way for the stronger to party to carry the day.

Between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, both have a chance of emerging at the top but the president will use all government machinery to remain in power. Of course we are only waiting for the money that got lost in corruption scandals to hit the streets. There, people who are easily driven with handouts will have a chance to run for money and end up voting for the current president.

With these major determinant aspects, there is no need for presidential elections come 2017… the government of Kenya is not gonna change anyway!

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