Come to the Commonwealth

My husband Harold and I love Kentucky.  We love the history of the state and we love everything Kentucky.  One of our favorite things to do has always been to just pick a little Kentucky town and spend a weekend learning about it and exploring it.  We have a big Kentucky road map on our bedroom wall that we use to mark all of the little places that we visit.

Harold was born in Kentucky and has always lived here.  I was born in Ohio but my parents, both native Kentuckians, came back to Kentucky shortly after my second birthday, so all of my memories have been of living in Kentucky.

We are always encouraging people that we meet from other places to visit Kentucky.  We love sharing the information that we learn about different places that we visit.

At this site I will be writing about all things Kentucky; the places that we have visited and the interesting facts and trivia regarding the places.  I will also be talking about tourist attractions and fairs and festivals and different types of events going on in Kentucky.  And of course the historical places and stories will have their place front and center, as will some mountain traditions and legends and stories from here in the Appalachians.   Who knows what will come up in this blog, but whatever it is it will be Kentucky related.  And of course, we have tons of Kentucky photos to share with you here.

I think that I am probably more excited about this blog than I am any other writing project that I’ve taken part in.  I love the idea of sharing something that we both are really passionate about and I hope you can feel the mountain hospitality as you read about our fun Kentucky adventures.   I can’t wait to get started!