Hello everyone! Jvanity at your service!

Hello everyone! My name is Jan but my username is Jvanity1…
I’m a nursing graduate but I don’t see myself working in the medical field since I can feel that nursing is not for me. That is why I am trying to earn money without having to work as a nurse, but it doesn’t stop there. I’m actually trying to earn money through online means as I will be saving the money and use it for the biggest personal project I’ll ever have. I could feel that no one is supporting me financially to support this project of mine, not even my family, so I have to depend on no one but myself alone. Ok, let’s just make my project discussion up to this point only. I can’t tell you more about since it’s just within me for now. Time can only tell whether I get to tell you about it or not, but again for now, let’s just leave it up to this point.
Okay, let me tell you a little bit more of a brief history of mine.
So after I graduated from college, I immediately sought work and luckily, I bumped into the world of ESL (English as Second Language). As you can see, the world I bumped into was so different from my college world which was nursing. In my ESL journey, I met a lot of students from various races like Koreans (mostly), Japanese, Thais, Chinese, Russians, and Vietnamese. Yes, I encountered all of these races during my ESL time. I will be telling you more of my encounter with these students in the future but for now, let’s go back to my general ESL experience. Actually, I spent time on ESL for more than one year (July 2014 to September 2015) and after that, I quit due to me having to do other more important things. Right now, I’m unemployed and I only depend on online ways to generate some good money while I prepare the said personal project. I’m planning to go back to ESL job but this time, it will also be online but I don’t want it to be a tideous type of online teaching (or you can call it part-time maybe) because I just want it to be a source of some extra cash as I already have two money-earning sites which include blogjob and another site which I might be blogging about in the next few days. Besides, no matter how high the pay from an online ESl site is, it is bound to be too tiring for me to do that if I do it full time. Just imagine if I work full time for about eight hours and i solely depend on it as my only source of income, my brain, tongue, mouth, and voicebox will be too exhausted and my body will be VERY VERY tired to the point that i might not enjoy anymore what I’m doing and it will affect my whole routine everyday. So I say no to full time ESL. Maybe one to two hours of ESL teaching is enough and then after is this and another site. At least, I still have a chance to relax.
Okey, i think that’s it. This is just a little background of what I’m doing right now. And expect for random topics to be blogged by me. Maybe just anything about life?
Okey now i’m done here. Just see you in my next blog! Bye bye!