What will Educational themes imply?

This will be a blog that this writer will share and write critiques about articles for various teaching magazines and textbooks that may be of interest to working teachers.  There will also be articles dealing with nursing and counseling issues that will also be of interest to teachers of these areas as well.  There are many relationships in the areas of education, counseling and nursing that use the same theories except in different ways.

I remember studying about Piaget, Erikson and Kohlberg as a student learning how to teach, then again as I was learning how to be a nurse and then as a counselor.  I have read how these fields can be interrelated and through this blog I plan and showing the readers how I see these relationships.  I have many magazines with a lot of interesting articles on how to increase motivation, engagement, and achievement.  I have to admit there might be some overlap with my other site at times since that one is about teaching and learning in general terms.  That site is how I learned and what I found helped me to learn and a place to share my knowledge and my skills with what I have learned over the years.

Other than increasing motivation, engagement and achievement I may give ideas on test prep and share how my study guide writing is going from time to time.  In this blog there may be book reviews of some of the textbooks that I have studied during my Master’s and Doctoral studies.  Those textbooks are not as boring as you may think and who knows they just might give a little more incentive to working teachers if they have time in their busy classroom schedules to try some of the ideas that are presented in them.  This particular blog I hope will bring about new learning for teachers, counselors and nurses.