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Hi Guys i am own muhammad..‼


I always helped others, whether online or in real life.

Few days ago, when i joined the site i was not familiar with the site even a bit. I found my many friends here from other social medias too like my sweet ate @heartluv and @sweetmuffins @hara .

I asked them about the  Screenshot_11. “How does it work?” and the criteria of blogs for the site.

My Friends always helps me alot, as i helped others, and always i feel very good after helping others,

This time as always my sweet ate @heartluv helped me to survive here too and my sweet friend and my sister @hara also helped me today and guide me about   Screenshot_11, She told me how to increase my daily limit of points and how to earn more points,

Basically the  Screenshot_11 is not only a platform where you can only earn infact the   Screenshot_11 is a platform where you can learn and polish your blogging skills with earning, isn’t is cool??

Thanks Haraka For the Help
Thanks Haraka For the Help Sis 🙂

The images Shows that I have good friends 😛 but it doesn’t mean that i haven’t need to do any thing, I still have to write my own blogs, have to active some more here, i will try follow your instructions sis, but first of all i need to prepare my self to create my own quality blogs,

I think i am specialist to write tutorials blog, and i will write actually i was writing blog about Perfect Money, and i saved it draft folder need to add some media then will published soon.

Oh how i can forgot to add the institutions of @heartluv but you know the Screenshot_11

has 300 words limit so will add next time.

Thanks for Reading.

Own Muhammad


Should I Continue?

Hi bloggers How you are all?

I hope you are all fine and doing great and well here,

Actually i am still confused about the site, that how its works, and i am still waiting for @heartluv conversation on whats app i hope she will guide me about that site too as she guide me 5 months ago about

oh let me introduce you about

I was a old user of said website, i joined the site about 1 and half year ago but i was not familiar with it’s features then after seeing the post on face book i decide to come back there.

When i comeback there i meet with the @heartluv and @bilaloriginal and they guide me about blogging on

I was one of the TOP USERS of the site,




But i’ll say that my this achievement is really due to my such great friends like @heartluv and @bilaloriginal

Thanks dudes for support and guide me always Love you a lot


Mohammad-Belal-Khan there on @bilaloriginal


My Sweet Ate @heartluv There on

You both are a my good and nice friends always Love you both.

I Hope this time you both will guide and help me to survive onScreenshot_11 too Thanks buddies


-Own Muhammad-

Author’s Intro (Own Muhammad)


Hi Guys How you are all? I hope you are all fine and doing Great, Well i am Own Muhammad, A men who really want to help others free of any cost, My mostly friends calls me TUTORIAL GUY, as it is my passion to make tutorials for other, I just want to share with all of you what i have in my mind, what i know……… about online earnings.

Screenshot_7 - Copy - Copy

Okay Who I am?

I am a Financial Manager in Silverline Group of Schools, Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am a 27 years old a married person who has one son named “Muhammad Sayim Abdullah”

After office time, in my free time i like to spend my time for blogging, online earnings, and reading articles on the Net,

I have my own channels there on YouTube & Daily Motion. I have many tutorial videos there too, you can explore them to learn somethings new.

I hope you will like my tutorials blogs, videos and Galleries here too.