Never trust

Hey friends!

How are you??

I hope you all are fine.

What is going on?

Everything is ok.

Today I would like to talk about trust on social media. In this topic I just mention girls. Specially specially girls.

Please girls never trust on social media’s boys. They are not able of trust. I would not say that all are bad.


Five fingers are not equal.

Some are good and some may be bad.

Have u watch Nadia Khans show on last day. Her topic was the same.

When she explained the stories of a girls. I really feel bad. My eyes were full of water.

There were a girl she studied in university that girl share her story by her own mouth.

She tell that she study in a university. And she had group of four girls in which there are two boys and two girls. She just friend ship with boy.  And their friendship fall in love. That boy force him for Nikah. She told her family but her family refused. Then the boy force him a lot. And they went to court for marriage. When they did this act. Her parents refuse to accept her. Then that boy used him and leave and said if you run with me then you can run with any one.


Tell me,


Why these girls took this step.

Why they make their parents name black.

And her whole life wasted now tell me what should they do now.. ?

So, it is my humble request please do not do this.

Never ever trust on boys.

Never trust on social media.

Never trust on university’s friend.

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