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    Back to Blogging after Two Weeks

    I finally have stable internet after two weeks. It was great being alone time, don’t give me wrong, but I love having internet. I admit I might have an tech addiction, but that’s good this day and age. I do this blogs for a living, and I need Internet access to do them.

    Now, that I am back, I got a back order to fill. While I was able to seek refuge with my uncle for the first week of my absence, I could not get much done these past two weeks. That means I have to work my butt off to make a living now.

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  • Finally moved to the cloud with Office Online

    With Toon Radio offline, I have a lot of free time lately. Obviously, I need to find a way to earn some income to bring the stream back, but the process is overwhelming, especially with the threat of losing my home to foreclosure. Blogging should be my answer as it lets me make a living…

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