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  • The Flash

    The Flash Episode 3 Flash vs The Mist

    The world is all about running. We all run for various reasons. Some of us run for work. Others run for play. But, we all run. Sometimes you have to slow down and run really slow. Other times you have to pick up the pace and speed down the track. In every case, running means…

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  • Gotham

    Gotham Episode 5 Viper

    I rarely read comics. My only experience with the Batman franchise is through the cartoons and the various films. I’m not even a fan, but the series Gotham is one fine series. This week, Gordon and Bollock hunt down a man distributing a weird green drug that makes people superhuman for hours while Bruce discovers what his parents’…

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  • Finally moved to the cloud with Office Online

    With Toon Radio offline, I have a lot of free time lately. Obviously, I need to find a way to earn some income to bring the stream back, but the process is overwhelming, especially with the threat of losing my home to foreclosure. Blogging should be my answer as it lets me make a living…

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  • ASP.Net Web forms work best for Small Sites

    After months of research, I have finally decided to stick with ASP.net web forms for my web applications for now. I considered moving over to MVC, but I couldn’t find good enough reasons to switch. Web forms can do just anything I want out of the box without a lot of extensions.

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