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  • Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

    Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

    You might have heard the rumors that say testosterone causes acme, and wondered if it is true or not. The short answer is yes, but there is a catch. Testosterone does not do it alone. If it did, over half of the world would have chronic acme as everyone has some amount of testosterone in them at any given time. Thus, we must understand the other factors that go into it. Only then, we can find a cure for the acme.  

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  • Speed up Mac

    How to Speed Up Your Mac

    Many people believe that only Windows machines slow down over time. However, Macs are equally as guilty. While your Mac started out as a beautiful, fast Apple box, it will gradually collect files and corrupted data that will bring its performance to a halt. In time, you will watch that spinning beach ball for hours before anything happens on your machine. This can happen overnight as well, and you will need a way to speed up your Mac when it happens. 

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  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy Has Many Advantages

    Solar energy gets a lot of buzz these days for a lot of reasons. Regardless of what you think of it, solar energy is one of the most debated forms of energy with its own share of deep rooted myths and legends. Many see it as the future of energy, the perfect alternative to fossil fuels. However, solar energy does have its drawbacks along with its many benefits.

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  • Pandora-Radio

    What is Pandora Radio?

    Online music streaming lets us listen to our favorite songs and discover new music with just a click. With services such as Pandora Radio, we can sample music from around the world that we would not otherwise find. We just type in our favorite artist, song, or genre, and the service does the rest.

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  • Astronomy

    Space Tourism to Mars Begins in 2018

    Space is the place. Since I was young, I have always wanted to visit another world. Every science fiction show I watched as a kid only furthered my obsession. As this was before the coming of the World Wide Web, all I could was dream. But today’s kids can do much more than that. With SpaceX planning to send stuff to Mars in 2 years and the whole space tourism business taking off, someone living today will set foot on the Red Planet before they die.

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