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    Back to Blogging after Two Weeks

    I finally have stable internet after two weeks. It was great being alone time, don’t give me wrong, but I love having internet. I admit I might have an tech addiction, but that’s good this day and age. I do this blogs for a living, and I need Internet access to do them.

    Now, that I am back, I got a back order to fill. While I was able to seek refuge with my uncle for the first week of my absence, I could not get much done these past two weeks. That means I have to work my butt off to make a living now.

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  • Arrow

    Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 The Magician

    With Thea back in town, everyone returns to their regular mission: finding Sara’s killer. Everyone has their suspicions, but all signs point to Malcolm Merlin who is also back in town. After some investigations and a few fights, Team Arrow finds themselves at war with the League of Assassins in the fourth episode of the third season of Arrow.
    This is another episode that makes me wish I watched Arrow since the beginning. The characters make references to past events that I don’t know the significance making the scenes confusing. I know these characters have a history together, but that’s it.
    The episode was called “The Magician”, probably alluding to the character Malcolm Merlin who was supposed to be dead but isn’t. He’s also Thea’s biological father, who makes his status as an Arrow villain interesting, but I wish I knew the significance of this.
    Throughout the episode, the cast considers Merlin the one that killed Sara in the first episode of the season. Even the League of Assassins sends in someone to investigate the guy. At the end, we are told that he didn’t do it, but, like the League, I’m not so sure of this. His last scene with Thea suggests he knows more than he is telling everyone (except for Thea herself).
    Thea is obviously in league with her father. This makes the dynamic between her and Oliver fascinating. She knows Oliver is Arrow, but Oliver obviously does not know this. I’m waiting for the moment when Thea will finally and openly betray her brother and his friends. Thea may even be the magician mentioned in the title.
    In the end, this episode sets up the plot for the rest of the season. Team Arrow and the League of Assassins are now at war, with Arrow protecting Merlin. We still have the Sara mystery to solve as well, but that’s just there to bring everyone to Starling City.
    Overall, I like where the series is going. I will have to pick up the DVDs for the first two seasons to see what I have been missing, but that goes without saying. If you liked the episode, or hated it, please tell me in the comments below, and I will post my next Arrow review on Thursday after the episode airs the night before.
    This week, the episode is called “The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak”. It sounds like we are getting some Felicity backstory with it. So, it should be interesting. In the meantime, you can read my previous Arrow review here.

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  • The Flash

    The Flash Episode 4 Going Rogue

    At some point in a young super hero’s life, you have to decide who your main friends and enemies will be. All great powers need a reason, and everyone needs people to fight and people to support them in those fights. Great, if you can find them naturally through normal human interactions. If you cannot…

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  • The Flash

    The Flash Episode 3 Flash vs The Mist

    The world is all about running. We all run for various reasons. Some of us run for work. Others run for play. But, we all run. Sometimes you have to slow down and run really slow. Other times you have to pick up the pace and speed down the track. In every case, running means…

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  • Gotham

    Gotham Episode 5 Viper

    I rarely read comics. My only experience with the Batman franchise is through the cartoons and the various films. I’m not even a fan, but the series Gotham is one fine series. This week, Gordon and Bollock hunt down a man distributing a weird green drug that makes people superhuman for hours while Bruce discovers what his parents’…

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  • Finally moved to the cloud with Office Online

    With Toon Radio offline, I have a lot of free time lately. Obviously, I need to find a way to earn some income to bring the stream back, but the process is overwhelming, especially with the threat of losing my home to foreclosure. Blogging should be my answer as it lets me make a living…

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  • ASP.Net Web forms work best for Small Sites

    After months of research, I have finally decided to stick with ASP.net web forms for my web applications for now. I considered moving over to MVC, but I couldn’t find good enough reasons to switch. Web forms can do just anything I want out of the box without a lot of extensions.

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