About Me

My name is Robert, and I am a science and technology writer with a focus on the consumer. I live in Buffalo, New York, though I spent some time in Rochester, New York as well. I am an avid science fiction and animation nerd, and I love playing with technology. I also love teaching others how to use their gadgets as well as the latest innovations and discoveries.

Professional Experience

Toon Radio

I started my Toon Radio blog in 2003, and I have continued to update it in various forms since then. As the owner, I am fully responsible for it maintenance and marketing.


Other Major Work Experiences

  • Writer – CutCabletoday.com – 2016
  • Operator/Moderator – #Science Chat Room, ScienceChatForums.com – 2014
  • Writer – Udemy.com – 2014
  • Contributor – Yahoo! Voices – 2012-2014
  • Researcher / Inspector – InfoArmy – 2012
  • Contributor – RWBY Wiki – 2018
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