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Variable Sleep Schedule


Sitting here in front of my computer at 4 am, I have a lot of time to think. One of the things I think about is how am I up at 4 am and only now getting sleepy enough to go to bed. I guess this is how freelancer sleep schedules work.  

Without an outside schedule to keep, I am free to work on my own schedule. While I make attempts to have a regular schedule, I always oversleep and stay awake longer than planned.  I might as well go without an alarm and just sleep when my body wants to sleep.

After some research, such variable schedule is quite common among video bloggers and broadcasters, So, I know I would be in good company if I do decide to just wing it. It will also make writing easier since I have less distractions at night.

I tried it a few times already. Still not used to getting up at 7 pm and considering it the start of my day. If I did some night shifts before switching to writing full time, it might find it easier to do, but it is going to take time to get used to it if I decide to go that route. Given my failure to keep a schedule, I’ll probably get used to it sooner than later though.

Going with a variable schedule also means I don’t have to worry about setting my alarm unless I have to go out to do something, but I can figure that out as I go along. Hopefully, this will give me the time to write my daily blog quota.

If you have your own struggles with keeping a schedule, post your story in the comments. I will gladly respond to any comment I receive. I am up all night, so I have plenty of time to reply! 🙂




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