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Virtualization of Business Critical Applications


We live in an ever-increasing digital economy. Nearly every company in nearly every industry are now software companies with online software serving as critical components to their business models. These days, many executives are starting to wonder what apps are NOT business critical applications.  

Business Virtualization is the Future

While a business’s true business critical needs depend on its industry and market, all business critical apps must operate properly while the company operates. In other words, these apps can never go down, for any reason, in our 24/7, internet-based economy.  

Business critical applications with no downtime require more complicated architecture and security than a conventional, “standard” application with significantly more expertise during the architecture, implementation and operations phases.  They also need a robust recovery system in case they do go down.  

Business Critical Applications to Virtualize

Fortunately, you can host your business critical apps with a cloud service provider.   

Business critical application virtualization offers:  

  • Standardized infrastructure management and operational capability 
  • Reduced risk and more predictable Quality of Service 
  • Higher, simpler availability 
  • Increased security with simple, automated compliance and disaster recovery 
  • Integrated performance and capacity management 
  • More reliable, realistic and valid application testing 

Despite these benefits, many IT managers are afraid to virtualize their business critical environments. Cloud computing is a big unknown, and the consequences from failure are too high. However, they be exposing their companies to even more risk by not virtualizing their applications.  

Cloud computing guarantees high availability regardless of your application.  You just need the right architecture with applications that can take advantage of the virtualization. Cloud computing offers greater agility as well, as long as you can configure and reconfigure your applications quickly and reliably. 



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