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Back to Blogging after Two Weeks


I finally have stable internet after two weeks. It was great being alone time, don’t give me wrong, but I love having internet. I admit I might have an tech addiction, but that’s good this day and age. I do this blogs for a living, and I need Internet access to do them.

Now, that I am back, I got a back order to fill. While I was able to seek refuge with my uncle for the first week of my absence, I could not get much done these past two weeks. That means I have to work my butt off to make a living now.  

Thanksgiving is for Blogging

For this reason, I have to make Thanksgiving a working holiday. I only have one family member locally, and no one else is coming over. So, I will be by myself for the holiday. Work will allow me to live through the boredom.

This will include client work, but I don’t have any of that on queue at the moment. The two I have are on hiatus. Therefore, I am free to blog all weekend which is fine with me. I have to build my two blogs up eventually if they are my end games.

My schedule for the week is to complete all the TV reviews I wrote but didn’t post over the two weeks. I also have to complete a few since I forgot to write them, but that goes without saying. I will also try to expend my posts beyond just live television as well.

This includes Toon Radio as well. I need to get that website going more than I need this blog. Toon Radio is my main blog and I haven’t done anything with it for weeks other than review Legend of Korra episodes. I need to expand it to more news blogs and music reviews.

If I can do all of this by Monday, I should be in a great position going foreword.

Until my next post, feel free add your suggestions in the comments below and reading the posts I already have here.


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