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Last Week of No Internet at Home


For the last month an a half, my home internet was down. It was partially my fault because I could not pay for it after losing my job in January, but being without internet for so long makes you think about things. 

I spent my days at local libraries to write and do work, and spent my nights watching movies and televisions shows I borrowed from the library. It was an interesting way to live, especially since most of my work tools are on my home computer. Still, it was better than just doing nothing.

At least, now, I know that I could live somewhat with internet access. That is one good thing about these past few weeks. If everything goes down, I can still find things to do. My only issue was and is how limited I am working on a public library computer.

Having to work on the libraries weird opening hours can be an issue too. The library I go to isn’t open at the same time every day. In fact, each day has different hours. The worst is Tuesday and Saturday when it is only open to 5 pm instead of the usual 9 pm on other days. This makes doing work on These days difficult.

At least now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have word that my home internet service will be restored Monday. That means I have to suffer one more week. It’ll be good to have internet at home. I got so much I need to catch up on.

I need to start blogging more. While I can write blog posts at this library (as I am doing now), but I can do so much more at home. I also have work that could use my home computer’s resources.

But I still have to wait a week before I can use them. If you had times when you when weeks without internet, tell me how you handled the situation in the comments below.



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