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High Shear Mixer Recommended Bench Heights


Many small businesses have high shear mixers in their studios, labs, or workshops for a variety of reasons. What many people don’t know is that you must place the scientific laboratory equipment on a bench with the right height before it will work properly.

High Shear Mixers

A high Shear mixer modifies substances so they can be more easily mixed. For instance, you use a high shear mixer to mix powder pigment into liquid paints to create colored paint in your home studio. You also use high shear mixers to mix together liquids that don’t normally mix such as epoxy to create gums for plastic arts or home building. In any of these cases, the right bench height for your high shear mixer depends on its type and size.

Mixer Types

High shear mixers come in batch, laboratory batch, in-line, and all-in-one varieties. Batch mixers look like kitchen hand mixers that you suspend over a mixing container or below it. Laboratory mixers come with their own support column and holding arm. Some high shear mixers come as complete kits including the mixer itself, a table, mixing container, and computerized mixer controls. Finally, an in-line mixer requires a horizontal orientation to serve in factory production lines.

Bench Height

While small businesses rarely need in-line mixers, batch mixers suspend down from some securement to mix content in an independent bowl. Thus, you need a bench high enough to allow the mixer to reach the bowl. For batch mixers that mix from below, your bench needs to be high enough to fit the mixer underneath and allows the mixer arm to protrude through the surface into your bowl. You can place laboratory and tabletop mixers on any table because they are adjustable and self-contained.

For instance, a 4-foot long high shear batch mixer suspended from an 8-foot high ceiling has a clearance of 4 feet underneath it. If that mixer needs to reach 1 foot into a 2-foot mixing container, you need a 3-foot tall table and to place the container 5 feet off the ground.

Benches and Hanging

Benches for tabletops and laboratory high shear mixers must have the strength to support the weight of the mixer. You can find the weight of your mixer in its product manual. You can adjust the hanging height of your batch mixer if you already have a table for it. For instance, you can create and use a wall-supported platform if your table is too short for hanging the mixer from the ceiling. You only need a set table height if you need to position your batch mixer below your mixing container.

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