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Types of Liquid Transportation Tanks


Liquid transportation tanks lets you move your water, chemicals, and liquid waste to where they need to go. Liquid tanks go where you need them without having to worry about laying down pipes or having the liquids overflowing during transport. These tanks keep the liquids in place until they reach their destination, protecting both liquid and the environment in the process. 

While they all look the same, we use different materials to make different liquid cargo tanks. These materials allow the tanks to store different types of liquids. Generally, you choose the tank you use by the liquid it will contain. Below is a brief summary of the most common type of liquid cargo containers on the market.

Chemical Tank

Also called stainless steel tanks, chemical tanks is the mainstay of the bulk liquid chemical transportation industry. These tanks exist to move chemicals, corrosive materials, and other flammable products. Perfect for hazardous materials carriers, these stainless steel tanks can handle mildly corrosive products with ease.

Corrosive Tank

For more corrosive chemicals, we use dedicated corrosive tanks. We have even have two variations to choose from depending on your transport needs. Rubber-lined carbon or stainless steel tanks work great for moderately corrosive materials, while fiberglass reinforced poly tanks can handle any chemical you have. Fiberglass tanks are both light and versatile making them the go-to choice of hazardous materials carriers and companies everywhere.

Hot Products Tank 

Hot products or Non-code tanks withstand high temperatures and pressures, and  hot liquids such as Sulphur or asphalt. THey are the only tanks that can carry hot liquids reasonably well. You can try storing hot liquids in other types of containers, but they will quickly bleed heat. Only hot product tanks can withstand the heat for prolong periods of time. In other words, if your water or chemical product must remain hot when it arrives at its destination, Non-code tanks are the tanks for you.

Food Grade Tank

Sanitary Stainless Steel or food grade tanks transport food products. While you could use a regular stainless steel or fiberglass tank to haul food, but these dedicated tanks come prefabricated with food in mind. They meet all safety and health regulations, and many shippers require them for their consumable shipments. You can even request a Kosher trailer for your specialty goods.

Petro-Chemical and Petroleum Tanks

Made from aluminum, the petro-chemical tanks exists to move petroleum-based products, but not the oil itself. If you need to haul gasoline, propane, or any other fuel trough highly populated areas, you need a dedicated petroleum tank. Either way, these tanks allow you to move and distribute oil products with ease. They have everything you need to transport petroleum and petroleum-based products in safety including  specially designed valves for off-loading the dense liquids. They also have vapor-recovery systems to contain the flammable vapors that come off them.

Multi-compartment tanks

When you need to move different types of liquids at once, nothing beats a multi-compartment tank. Built from one of the other container types, these tanks offer several different internal compartments for carrying multiple products at the same time. Their main issue is temperature control. The mini-tanks bleed heat which can cause problems when hauling liquids with different transporting temperatures.

When you need to move water or chemicals, you need a container that can handle the job. Fortunately, we have several different types of liquid cargo tanks to haul whatever you need to move to wherever you need it. You just need to know which type of container you need, and our liquid storage experts are ready to help.

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