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Gotham Episode 5 Viper


I rarely read comics. My only experience with the Batman franchise is through the cartoons and the various films. I’m not even a fan, but the series Gotham is one fine series. This week, Gordon and Bollock hunt down a man distributing a weird green drug that makes people superhuman for hours while Bruce discovers what his parents’ company is doing without them. We also get to see more of Bruce Wayne’s transition to the Batman.

Beware the Gotham Viper

This episode revolved around a drug called Viper. It starts off with some dude giving a vile of it to some street bum. This drug turns all who drink it into a super human for hours until you crash and it destroys your bones, killing you in the process.  Bruce, Gordon, and Bollock solve the case after some confrontations with some crime lords and discovering that Wayne Enterprises was creating the drug for military use. It turns out that the man distributing the drug was doing it to bring the evils of the city to light. In the end, everyone goes back to normal but Brice move forward on his path to become the Batman.

That simple description of the episode does not do the episode justice, but I don’t have the space to write a play by play.

Showing that even Wayne Enterprises is mixed up in the dark side of Gotham shows us how much the city needs its Dark Knight. I don’t know Batman enough to know reference for the Viper drug (and its cousin Venom). So, I can’t say more on that. I can say that things are heating up between the gangs. A war is brewing and Gotham will be the battlefield.

I’ll try to do these quick reviews for the rest of the series as well the other DC TV Universe series. I plan on posting them a few hours after the show airs. SO, tomorrow will be my Flash coverage. See you then. In the meantime, feel free to post your own ideas on this week’s Gotham episode in the comments below.



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