If you are booked to travel on an Indian Railways train in India and would like to know if your train is running on time you can simply send a text message to their support number 139.
There are 2 options:
1. To find the present status of the train and last station crossed send the following SMS to 139 – “SPOT XXXXX” where XXXXX is the train number. You can get the train number from the train ticket or the message/email you get when you booked your ticket. you will get a reply SMS within a few seconds with the required information
2. To find out when your train is arriving at your station send the following message to 139 – “AD XXXXX YYYY” where XXXXX is the train number and YYYY is the STD phone code for the station location – you can find this by asking someone or googling the city name for STD code. Again you will get the information as an SMS reply within a few seconds.
These SMS services are not free and cost Rs. 3 per enquiry. Last night I was stuck at a station without a clue as my train was delayed and I managed to track it by SMS. The online portals were not working well and showed contradicting information for some reason.
Here is a video demo of how this works:

Hope you found this information useful