We spend a good 30-40% of our day and our lives sleeping. Sleeping right will definitely make you feel better and live happier. You all know how grumpy you are after a bad nights sleep and how energetic you feel after a good nights sleep.

One of the tricks to sleeping better is to sleep naked! Yes that means sleeping with absolutely nothing on – no pyjamas, no lingerie, no underwear and no socks. Besides feeling completely liberated, there are some definitive benefits of going to sleep nude.

  1. You sleep better: Although feeling warm and cosy seems the best way to sleep, sleeping in slightly cooler temperature is actually better for your sleep rhythm and depth of sleep. An environmental temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit is better for a good nights sleep. You are less likely to wake up inbetween and more likely to get a refreshing nights sleep.
  2. Better skin: The levels of both growth hormone and melatonin are lower and more optimal when you sleep naked. This results in better skin and a more youthful appearance. Your friends will be wondering how you manage to look so good as they continue to age!
  3. Better sperms: For men, sleeping naked means that their scrotum and testes are kept cooler and also not constrained by underwear. This ensures better blood circulation and the cooler temperature is better for your sperms – the numbers and motility get better. This means that your chances of getting your partner pregnant are better when you want to have kids.
  4. Less skin disease: As your armpits, groin, feet, toes and thighs get more air and less sweat without restraining clothes or socks, chances of skin irritation, infections, athletes foot are lesser.
  5. Better vaginal hygiene: Its common to have some bacteria and yeast down there, but tighter underwear could make this a frequent cause of infection. Sleeping naked reduces yeast and bacteria as more air reaches the area between a womens legs. This means less infections, less smells and better hygiene in her intimate areas. This will make any woman feel healthier and more confident.
  6. Less Stress: Cortisol levels are under better control when you sleep naked. Excess cortisol levels are known to increase heart rate. Higher cortisol levels are seen in stress. Cortisol is in fact a hormone that can cause a fight or flight response. A subdued cortisol levels results in better sleep and also waking up feeling less stressed. You can literally sleep away your worries. Get happy!
  7. Better intimacy: Cuddling naked with your spouse or partner releases oxytocin which is often called the love hormone. This creates a more intimate relationship and makes you feel positive about your partner. The feeling of skin to skin does wonders to your desire to stay clinging together. It apparently creates more stable relationships. And it doesnt take an Einstein to figure out that when the two of you are naked together there is going to be less inhibitions, more passion, more sex and better orgasms. Foreplay and afterplay can go on for ages!
  8. Better time Management: You can literally wake up and jump into the shower. You spend less time getting in to and out of your night clothes. You spend less time shopping for pyjamas! You are also less likely to spend time with your electronic gadgets like a laptop or your mobile when you are naked in bed and less likely to jump out of bed to do anything else. You get a lot more “me alone” time.
  9. Better body image: We tend to cover our body with clothes and feel that our clothes define how we look. Most people feel their naked bodies are not a sight to behold! Spending more time naked makes you comfortable with your body and helps you rediscover yourself in a more confident way. If you sleep naked with your partner you learn to appreciate and discover her/him more.
  10. Better finances: You will spend less money on pyjamas and nightclothes. You will be washing lesser clothes. Your innerwear will be cleaner as you wear them lesser and will be easier to wash. As you sleep better, you will eat less midnight snacks and user lesser airconditioning in summer. All these amounts to savings that will add up.

So sleeping naked is not just something glamorous you see in the movies. It is definitely better for you, your health, your life and your partner! Feel the liberation!!