At my cousins place a few days ago I had the misfortune of toppling a glass that shattered on the floor in the living room. While we collected all the big pieces safely the obvious problem was all the tiny glass pieces that were too small to pick up. Add to that the fact that they have a crawling one year old – the possibility of serious injury was real. Thankfully they had a little trick to clear up the dangerous glass pieces easily.

All they needed was the flour (wheat or Atta) that they used to make chappathis or pooris.  So here is what we did.

1. Take a table spoon of Atta or wheat flour:

Chappathi Flour


2. Add a little water and firmly knead it to make it a dough. You now have a soft dough just like bread dough that is slightly sticky, quite soft.



3. If possible gently sweep into the area so that all the glass bits are in a limited area.

4. Now start gently tapping the dough on the floor where the glass pieces are present. The glass simply adheres into the dough. Wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself. Move from tile to tile so each area is covered. Gently turn the dough so that you use as much of the surface area as possible. Be careful when doing this. Make sure you tackle the corners properly and also the junction between the floor and the wall.

5. Put your eyes close to the floor and shine a torch beam across the floor and gently move it to see any more glass on the floor. Pat the dough and remove these too.

6. You are now done. Discard the dough into a bin safely. Don’t try to make a chappathi out of it!!

Its been a few days now and their son has crawled a million times in the living room and is cut and scratch free – so we must have done a good job.

If you have a vacuum cleaner you can try using it, but there is a danger of pushing the glass pieces away and leaving lots of tiny pieces behind.

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