You may want to have multiple twitter IDs for different purposes – work related, fun, personal, for links or for a million other reasons. One of the pains with this is that you need a unique email ID for each account. You may have tried email redirect services for this, but this too means that you have to sign up for multiple email IDs.

There’s a quick workaround for this and you can use a single GMAIL ID to sign up for multiple twitter accounts. This is based on a gmail feature where and both can be accessed if you sign in to the ID. Basically you can insert a period (.) anywhere in your username at gmail and it still shows up in your original gmail inbox. Twitter will however identify them as separate email IDs and hence ¬†you can sign up for multiple twitter accounts.

So if your id is, then you can use multiple IDs for seven twitter accounts with:

So if you have a long username then the possibilities are more!

So email sent to any of the following IDs:

can be accessed when you login with the username “”. This means that for activating your multiple twitter handles, you can just use the multiple options and all the activation emails, further notifications, updates and messages from all the twitter handles will be delivered to your main gmail account.

The problem is if you ever need to email twitter about something it becomes difficult as all the emails can be sent from your main ID only. However you rarely need to contact twitter at all.

You can also use this little trick to sign up for multiple accounts in other services like tumblr, etc and make all your activations and notifications more streamlined and accessible from a single gmail login.

This method is not illegal and I see no harm in using it at all as having multiple twitter accounts is perfectly legal.

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